Contra-indications of varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins are characterized by the blockage of blood vessels and blood flow in the capillaries. It is important to adjust the setting in the mode of life, to avoid the occurrence of thrombophlebitis and venous ulcers. For the successful treatment of the illness is necessary to take into account contraindications with varicose veins, in order to effectively eliminate the negative factors, and to facilitate the patient's condition.

Varicose veins – what is and what is not?

contraindications for varicose veins

Contraindications for varicose veins on the legs in women and men, which refer to different aspects of life, including nutrition, exercise, implementation of hygiene procedures, wearing shoes, restrictions on the acceptance of drugs and surgery on your feet.

Preventive measures that should be taken into account during treatment and in the following years of his life to stop the progression of the disease and effectively eliminate varicose veins.

What is impossible with varicose veins and the problems of the blood vessels women:

  • Should abandon hormonal birth control, this recommendation comes from the fact that sex hormones activate blood clotting, seem to be blood clots in the veins;
  • It is forbidden to make anti-cellulite massage with pressure and active massage with varicose veins damaged areas is permitted for preventive foot massage, but only under the supervision of a physician, and in the initial stage of the disease;
  • In the gym you can lift weights no more than 4 kg is not contraindicated Pilates, yoga, swimming classes;
  • With varicose veins do not wear shoes with high heels, the height should not exceed 3-4 cm (heel contributes to the muscle tone of the legs, difficult outflow of venous blood due to the disease progresses);
  • Contraindicated for waxing that reduces the elasticity of the arteries and veins that are prohibited to warm the feet with hot water during the pedicure, the temperature of the bath should not exceed 35 degrees;
  • Narrow clothing (shorts, jeans, leggings) the pressure contributes to the irregular distribution of the blood through the veins and capillaries, are pinching the veins, which causes complications of the disease.

Contraindications, applicable to all patients with varicose include the lack of hops on the weight of the body, and to be avoided, and it is important to eat a balanced, eliminate fried, greasy food, product, fast food, empty carbs.


Contraindicated for varicose veins of leg strength exercises, excessive load on the lower limb, different types of races against the clock, squats with weights. You should always measure the load put on the period of training compression underwear.

Patients with varicose veins on the legs are prohibited to visit the baths and saunas, to avoid pressure on the capillaries. Stay long under the sun, a tanning bed could trigger the progression of the disease of the legs.

Persons whose work is associated with long stays in one position, you must often change position, to avoid the feeling that running muscles, to give my legs a rest (keep good form). Years ago or longer trips wear compression socks (that agree on the size and the compression rate with the doctor).

Specifics of diet for varicose veins

Patients with a diagnosis of varicose veins should be excluded from the diet foods that are able to keep the fluid in the body (seafood, sausages, eggs, canned fish, mayonnaise, ketchup, crackers).

At a minimum it is necessary to reduce the consumption of canned products, pork and beef contributes to the accumulation in the body of harmful cholesterol. High-calorie food, it is important to replace fruits and vegetables, cereals.

Contraindicated with varicose veins, to use alcohol-based products, which will increase blood viscosity, causing thrombosis. Restrictions for tobacco Smoking.


that is possible with varicose veins

You should limit the consumption of salt in any form, its surplus use may cause edema, which put additional pressure on the affected veins.

You must eat foods that contain specific vitamins help with the absorption of vitamin C, protects the blood vessels from the pressure drop:

  • Routines – citrus fruits, apples, buckwheat;
  • Catechin, which, grapes, berries;
  • Quercetin herb st. john's wort, green tea, onions;
  • All types of citrus.

It is desirable that the use of products without heat treatment, for the preparation of meals it is best to use the steam method, which to the soul. Liquid for varicose veins on the legs, that in a limited number, not more than 1.5 liters per day.


Varicose veins are prohibited to perform various surgical procedures in the legs, for example, treatment of the joints. If you experience weight in the legs, it is important to stop taking contraception, which contribute to the bulging from the vein walls.

The correct way of life and the observance of the preventive measures will stop the resolution process venous walls, strengthening blood vessels and capillaries, to prevent any complications.

It is important to care for feet, moderate exercise, reducing the load on the lower extremities. The successful recovery in this case is guaranteed.