Varicose veins on the legs in women - causes and treatment

In modern society it is believed that varicose veins is a woman's disease. Why? Because in the advertising of creams and pills against varicose veins flashed women feet. And some share of truth in this, because women have varicose veins really much more common than in men. How to treat varicose veins on the legs in women? What are the characteristics of therapy?

Why are women more likely to suffer from varicose veins

varicose veins on the legs in women

To answer this question, you can contact the most obvious factors, which precede the appearance of varicose veins.

  • Genetic predisposition. If someone in your generation had varicose veins, chances are that the disease will sooner or later manifest you have.
  • Hormonal disturbance. And this includes the natural changes (pregnancy, menopause) and the artificial (hormonal drugs).
  • Physical activity of any kind, household and professional. Longer upright, the feet are subjected to tremendous load and pressure.
  • Tight shoes and clothing. Compression of the legs causes stagnation of the blood thinning and blood vessels.

The main causes for the occurrence of varicose veins in women, which show themselves: wearing the heels and the natural hormonal changes. But even those women who wear comfortable shoes, and have no problems with the endocrine system, are not immune from being a victim of varicose legs. Why? Because statistically, women in their sex are more likely to suffer from this disease.

How varicose veins in women

Symptoms of varicose veins on the legs of women appear "brighter" than men. Women are more sensitive to pain and swelling, they immediately notice a change of color of the skin and the appearance of his "drawing" of blood vessels. A man can't ignore varicose veins by the end of the second stage, and the woman will begin to sound the alarm immediately when you first notice varicose veins.

The most obvious signs of varicose veins on the legs in women:

  1. The first stage: swelling, itching legs, wanting to stretch the legs. If you press on the belt with your fingers, you can feel the consistency of paste. The skin on the feet becomes dry, it can be mild spider veins.
  2. The second phase: symptoms of the first stage is added, pain in the legs that disturb sleep. Through the skin, clearly visible veins, some of them may be convex.
  3. The third phase: trophic disorder of the skin to become thinner, sores appear. Swollen veins it looks very messy, your feet are constantly hurting.

Why is this important for the treatment of varicose veins

Many are not aware of how dangerous varicose veins on the legs in women, and are sure, that the aesthetic irregularities can be hidden with a long skirt or pants. But swollen blue veins is not the worst. Running varicose veins may result in venous ulcers. This is not only painful, but full of infection.

Varicose dangerous because they can lead to the development of other diseases associated with blood circulation. For example, thrombosis, which is manifested by blood clots in the blood vessels. If such a clot will suddenly break and reach the heart, there will be a quick death.

treatment of varicose veins

Especially dangerous female varices in the elderly. Women in years, who do not claim that the beauty and charm and do not expose their legs off. And if so, then why get rid of the unsightly veins? As a result, varicose develops and brings more suffering. Young women who are concerned about their attractiveness, pay attention to changes in color and texture of the skin on the soles of the feet and lead to the doctor. This allows time to begin the treatment of varicose veins on the legs in women, and to avoid any complications.

Methods of treatment of varicose veins in women

The golden rule of treating any disease extends to the varicose veins: the earlier you start treatment, the more chances for success. In any case, will not prevent conservative therapy. It is prescribed as the first stage of varicose veins, and in the third, and also in the period of rehabilitation after the surgery.

  • Compression socks. The best that has ever been invented by doctors and scientists. Socks, socks and tights in special material that are sewn so as to compress the leg with different levels of pressure. A compression garment is strictly selected according to the criteria for the provision of proper action. Women enjoy wearing these socks instead of the usual nylon.
  • Cream against varicose veins. To anoint the feet before going to bed, is one of the normal actions of every woman. But instead of simply moisturizing cream, it is better to use a special against varicose veins. These medicines can consist of potassium chloride, troxerutin and other venotonic remedies that will help to improve the circulation in the legs. In addition massage, which gives the additional effect of lymphatic drainage.
  • Of the medicinal product. Pills and medication prescribed by the doctor. Because it is a medicine against varicose veins there are a variety of types, anticoagulants, etc
  • Physical culture. Issues with varicose veins, we must not forget that one of the causes of disease are physical activity. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such exercises in which the feet are almost not interfere with, or above the trunk. Basic: "birch", "Bicycle", "scissors". Among the areas of fitness, fit, Pilates, yoga, swimming, dancing.

Now we recognize how to treat varicose veins on the legs of women at home, and can be used in practice. It is better to do all this with the permission of the phlebologist, but if you see a specialist is not possible, it is possible to buy in the cabin of orthopedic compression socks at the pharmacy – cream from varicose veins, and in the evening with the sport.

Traditional medicine against the female varicose veins

Every woman once in their life used prescription drugs people's medicine. It is convenient and very effective. If you do not know how to treat varicose veins on the legs in women folk remedies, see the Internet. On the forums you can find a lot of advice and tips about a specific recipe. Among them may be available foot baths, herbal teas and tinctures for use within and for rubbing and compresses.

How to prevent varicose

The prevention of varicose veins on the legs in women, which include simple rules that should be followed on a regular basis.

  • The heel they are very elegant, but it is recommended to wear them just on special days. Every day choose comfortable shoes.
  • Diet will not only help you find the harmony, but also to prevent varicose veins. Due to excess body weight increases the load on the legs.
  • Compression socks, of course, are more expensive, but it is a guarantee for well-being and health.
the prevention of varicose veins

And the last. Do not forget that a woman created for the beautiful, therefore you do not need to deal with the heavy physical loads. Bags of food and permutation in the apartment, leave the men. And devote more time to yourself, beloved. Then varicose veins and other ailments will be avoided.