Gel against varicose veins

Lotion for varicose veins, as is the advertising frequently interrupts your favorite TV show, which is, according to experts, is recognized as a good idea, which, however, hi viewers do not particularly like. However, it should be noted, however, that varicose veins are "not old" and what is more — it is very supports the current pace of life, therefore more often you can meet young people, that is up to 30 years for the survival of surgical intervention (even minimally invasive) on this issue.

gels varicose veins

Studying a family history of varicose veins, many (not without reason), I can safely classify themselves to a group of potential patients with the doctor. However, the risk for the development of the disease, if there are already a hereditary predisposition to varicose veins improve other factors: female sex, flat feet, excess weight, poorly chosen profession, which requires a longer stay in the upright position.

A new way of life and the cream from varicose veins

Aware of possible future problems, some people do not leave this important issue and try to delay varicose veins at the time. They actively prevent further development of disease, as soon as the first signs of damage to the veins in the legs (weight, night cramps, skin changes on the individual sections of the lower extremities).

Women first notice itself, circulatory problems, therefore, the majority of men with this purpose begins:

  • Interested in traditional medicine;
  • To find the strength to overcome my fear of leeches and for the treatment;
  • Firmly say "no" to harmful habits, so popular among fashionistas Shoe heels;
  • Do special exercises, you to go in the pool and on massage;
  • For the purchase of compression socks and cream from varicose veins.

Tried different conservative methods of treatment of varicose veins, most patients prefer gels from varicose veins. Gel, showing no inclination to yield, when used for beautiful skin, absorbs quickly, and therefore does not cause any inconvenience to the patient. When the fat-based ointment, on the contrary, spread, leaves marks not only on the skin but also to clothing, and this is not all to your liking. Cream occupies an intermediate position, although it contains fatty ingredients, but it is more pleasant to the skin and does not stain clothing.

However, the patient always has options: cream for varicose veins, gels and creams, constantly offers a pharmacy chain, for example:

  1. Funds on the basis of heparin;
  2. Creams varicose veins, which is used the unique properties of horse chestnut;
  3. Troxerutin in the form of ointments from varicose veins;
  4. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of creams or gel, which, in addition to their primary purposes, to treat the diseased veins in the legs.

In what form to select is important, however, that it would not harm, we always suggest you ask the doctor's opinion.

The doctor is of the opinion and the hopes of the patient

Like all other pharmacological remedy cream against varicose veins should be recommended the doctor, but the patient probably would be useful to know what the basis of action of these drugs, what tasks they carry out, getting on the human skin.

These funds primarily in the role of assistants in the treatment of varicose veins other ways. Used for damage to the gels, creams, ointments, the blood vessels are called:

  • In order to prevent the stagnation of the blood;
  • For carrying out the functions of tonics;
  • For the optimization of functions of the venous valves;
  • To prevent unwanted effects due to the enlargement of the venous vessels;
  • To reduce the severity of the clinical manifestations (pain, swelling, inflammation).
funds from varicose veins

To achieve a really high effectiveness of drugs used to treat the affected varicose veins, you should always consider the stage of the disease. Creams for varicose veins (ointments, gels, or other pharmaceutical forms), which, on its own initiative, may at best not useful and at worst, to encourage both the development process and to promote its progression. In this context, it is hoped that the patient, strong-minded to stop the pathologic process, will be helpful in understanding the the drugs from varicose veins, their advantages and side effects.

In the pharmacy on prescription

Not with the aim to distract the reader from the order of the cream against varicose veins through a variety of sites, nevertheless I want to draw your attention on the drug, often with the prefix "poison", which is implemented pharmacy network. Many of them also made on the basis of horse chestnut, but produced by the pharmaceutical company, with a turn-by-turn instructions for the use of the ointment for varicose veins of the lower extremities or other occasions.

A blood clot is a dangerous thing

Irregular expansion of veins, the inferior venous valve apparatus, system, stagnation of blood in the veins of lower limbs – all these factors create favorable conditions for the formation of the walls of the vessel clots (thrombi), which at any moment can break away and go with the flow of blood in the direction of its movement. Moving into the bloodstream, a clot can be quite impressive size and block important vessels, which threaten death from thromboembolism.

The main active ingredient in most ointments used to treat the affected varicose veins in the legs, is a component that prevents the formation of blood clots – anticoagulant. In addition, the ointment or cream for varicose veins may include analgesics, vasoconstrictors, vitamins and other means that strengthen the blood vessels and improves the nutrition of tissues. It should be noted that the concentration of anticoagulant in this pharmaceutical form is usually high on the low absorption of the ointment for varicose veins do not become an obstacle to its effective use.

As an example, wide, cheap, but effective means of possessing anticoagulant properties, it is possible that the result is known to all patients who suffer from an abnormal enlargement of the veins, ointment with heparin. Its therapeutic effect comes from the main active substance is heparin. This ointment is many people just in case, constantly keep in your home medicine Cabinet. And not only as a means, which treats the dilated veins on the legs. It is successfully used in time of acute hemorrhoids (without bleeding), bruises and contusions received in the home, mastitis, and ulcers. In addition to the direct purposes of the (prevention of thrombosis, which is responsible for heparin) ointment:

  • Gives anti-inflammatory effect (due to the same heparin);
  • The vasoconstrictor effect with the specific acid;
  • Wearing a analgesic skills, which are embedded in the local treatment, also part of the heparin ointment.

And, perhaps even a doctor? ...

Folk and professional pharmacists "not sleeping" and create all new and new creams are varicose veins, which are then actively bid on the Internet, but their price is not affordable to all.

Meanwhile, the credibility of the claims that "because of the ointment to the cream veins or varicose veins was able to say goodbye to the illness forever" or "medium has virtually no side effects", the author cast doubt:

  1. First, the reader must know that the disease is not cured completely and the extended veins on the legs will not accept the status quo, so that you can only alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins;
  2. Secondly, it is known that the most powerful allergens are natural ingredients – the more of them will be in the grease, the more "options" to get an allergic reaction.
  3. Thirdly, we must not forget that the cream or ointment for varicose veins work, if the concentration of the treatment components will be quite high, since the influence of any drug to the affected vessels is not directly, but through the skin.

Finally, why some drugs can only be purchased online? The answer is obvious – not in the pharmacy. And it is no secret that sometimes as acquired assets are questionable in their authenticity, so that you may try to ask in a pharmacy effective ointment for varicose veins?

treatment of varicose veins gel

This article was practically not touched on issues relating to the treatment of varicose veins directly folk remedies – this information you can find in the other sections of our website. Traditional recipes, such as pharmacies, often as the main therapeutic agent used horse chestnut, which is based on the fact that teas, tinctures, ointments are prepared. And people rubbing the feet of blue clay, honey, mixed with onions, essential oils (sandalwood, "castor oil", etc.), bath with infusions of herbs (succession, chamomile, nettle), treated with Apple cider vinegar, leeches, specific exercises and a diet. Although this is already another story...