What are varicose veins

The enlargement of veins is very unpleasant cosmetic defect. But, what is much worse – the disease dramatically increases the risk for serious thrombotic complications of the feet. It is usually the cause of varicose veins on the legs is a complex of different conditions and factors that create the conditions for the accumulation of venous blood in the veins of the lower extremities. To highlight some of the more important reasons, that is impossible. So as a result is varicose on the legs, you cannot know for sure. However, we can identify risk factors that contribute to diseases of the legs and disease of the esophagus. For some localizations of the varicose can be due to serious pathology of the venous system of the internal organs, as it happens with varicose veins of the esophagus. The symptoms of any disease manifest themselves quite clearly, and the treatment may be conservative or surgical.

Hereditary factors

varicose veins

The most important risk factor is a genetic characteristic of the venous wall and valvular vessels. In normal conditions the blood returns to the heart through the veins vary from valve to valve. If this mechanism is broken, the blood accumulates in the interior of the vessel, gradually dilated blood vessels. When symptoms appear, the disease becomes rapid, but treatment should begin immediately.

Hereditary predisposition transmitted from parents to children, so it is important to know if parents have varicose veins, so that appeared, and whether there were complications. It is particularly important that the thrombotic predisposition: congenital disorders of blood coagulation, leading to the formation of a thrombus and creates the conditions for severe vascular disease. Dilatation of the esophagus does not have genetic risk factors, which often occurs in the background of liver disease, and typical symptoms lead to dangerous complications.


Obesity or excess body weight significantly increases the load on the veins of the legs. A great weight presses continually, disorders in the joints, creating the conditions for the stagnation of venous blood in the legs and appearance of varicose veins. And the higher the weight, the faster varicose veins. The result of obesity and lipid disorders heart disease by type of vascular disease, the manifestation of which will be dilatation of the esophagus. The treatment of venous disease, the doctor will start with measures to reduce weight: if you do not, that is to achieve positive dynamics of the therapy impossible.


Smoking leads to vascular changes, which adversely affect the tone of the veins and the ability to withstand stagnation. Harmful factors of tobacco smoke, which are expressed affect blood clotting, increases the risk of thickening of blood and thrombosis. Without Smoking is completely pointless to start treatment of varicose veins. All this fully applies to varicose veins of the esophagus, because nicotine and toxic substance, including saliva in the digestive tract. The symptoms manifest itself bleeding, which causes rupture of the blood vessels of the esophagus.


Frequent and heavy alcohol consumption very negatively affects the cardiovascular system and cause a lot of problems. For leg veins alcohol is a risk factor for causing varicose, due to the constant and strong influence on the vascular wall. In addition, alcohol-containing beverages interfere with the absorption of many essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which causes vascular disease. Alcohol abuse causes cirrhosis of the liver, and cause varicose veins of the esophagus. Symptoms will be enough bright, and the treatment of varicose veins cannot be carried out if the patient continues to consume alcohol in large doses.

Endocrine factors

Hormonal fluctuations that affect blood vessels, more important for women. The risk factors that cause varicose veins on the legs in women:

  • treatment of gynecological diseases, hormonal means;
  • the use of hormonal contraceptives in uncontrolled and prolonged manner;
  • hormone replacement therapy;
  • in pregnancy, when the rapid increase in body weight and severe hormonal changes, dramatically increases the load on the vessel.
causes of varicose veins

For men endocrine risk factors are less important because in the male body rarely any symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Treatment of all endocrine problems should be based on the risk for arteries and veins and the use of birth control pills should be strictly control to prevent vasodilation.

In the womb the factor of blood flow

Great value for the venous system is the state of the blood coagulation system. If there is not a congenital disorder, a very real risk for veins can be symptoms of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, which leads to the formation of blood clots. If the venous system of the legs, the conditions for the reduced fluidity of the blood, the risk of varicose veins, increases dramatically. In the veins of the esophagus increased blood coagulation occurs on the background of the heart and circulatory system problems, or liver cirrhosis. Symptoms of liver failure strongly expressed, so the treatment of varicose veins is still performed with the use of specific drugs with vascular effects.

Muscle factor

Veins in the legs do not contain in their wall muscle fibers, so that pushes the blood up requires contraction of the muscles of the legs. If the background a sedentary lifestyle is a weakening of the muscular system, becomes an important negative factor for the development of varicose veins. For the veins of the esophagus, this reason is not important. Symptoms of muscle weakness notice the doctor and of course the treatment of varicose veins usually include physical therapy exercises that help to strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities.

The impact of a long stay on your feet

The majority of the day the person is in the upright position, which helps the accumulation of blood in the venous system of the leg. This is walking in the upright position plays an important role for the formation of varicose veins, which is especially important for people who are forced to be long in the legs. In fact, for a person to work on the legs, varicose veins become a factor in occupational hazards. Depending on the symptoms, effective treatment is necessary to exclude work on the feet or required to use compression socks.

A sedentary lifestyle

If a person not involved with the sport, wants regular visits to a fitness club or prefer to sit on the TV, instead of walking, the symptoms of the disease in the form of varicose veins will appear very quickly. Especially if it is the work of the city, moving from home to work and back takes place in the car and motor activity reduce. Sedentary lifestyle causes more problems:

  • weaken the muscles of the legs;
  • the conditions for the suspension of the blood in the veins;
  • the symptoms of thrombosis due to the deterioration of the fluidity of blood.

To eliminate most of the risk factors will allow you to create the maximum conditions for the prevention of varicose veins of the lower extremities. Varicose veins of the esophagus comes in the wake of severe liver disease.

treatment of varicose veins

This is due to these factors it appears most often disease of the veins. The most important are obesity, Smoking cessation, changes in motor activity and eliminate occupational hazards in the form of prolonged standing on their feet. Have to wear compression stockings and to avoid large doses of alcohol. Each option, hormone therapy, should be under medical supervision. Without waiting for the development of the disease, it is important to visit your doctor and complete the full overview of the vessels of the legs with the further implementation of the recommendations of the physician for the prevention of varicose. If you need treatment, you must strictly follow the regulations specialist.