How to get rid of pain with varicose veins

The cause of the pain of varicose veins is blood stasis. Therefore, to alleviate the health of the used methods of compression of the action (an elastic bandage or knit), antiplatelet agents. The initial forms can be used folk remedies. Severe pain in the advanced forms of the disease is indication for surgery.

The causes for the pain associated with varicose veins

varicose veins

Weight and fatigue in the legs is typical for the first stage of varicose veins, pain appear later in the decompensated period. Initially, swelling and pain syndrome in long-term tension, but in a horizontal position are gone. With progression of venous insufficiency heavy legs, difficulty in walking, severe fatigue does not pass, pain and cramps in the lower part of the leg that bothers you, even at night.

The reasons for the development of pain are:

  • overflow of vessels with blood;
  • excessive stretching of the tendon sheath of the muscles due to swelling;
  • malnutrition of the tissues in the blood;
  • compression of the nerve trunks.

Impaired blood flow leads to gradual increase in venous pressure, so it is in the small blood vessels become the same. This leads to the reduction of nutrients and oxygen. Ischemia and hypoxia, and the accumulation of metabolic products, which are not removed veins from the tissues, irritating receptors for pain, provoking convulsive syndrome.

In some patients, the manifestations of varicose veins are limited to tingling in the legs, night muscle twitching. When more severe the pain in these options:

  • stupid
  • stabbing
  • burning sensation,
  • an arching,
  • flashing.

One of the negative characters is a sudden increase or change in the nature of pain, as this may be an indicator of the complications of vein thrombosis or phlebitis.

How to understand, what is bothering you veins

Similar symptoms accompany other diseases of the lower extremities. Therefore, differential diagnosis of attention on the specifics:

  • diseases of the veins of the pain does not go away with change of position, often localized to the knees, in the groin area, night care cramps and numbness of the legs;
  • thrombophlebitis – skin is red, hot to touch, sharp pain spreads throughout the foot, a fever;
  • arteriosclerosis or endarteritis and feet pale and cold, pain occurs when walking, go in peace;
  • neuralgia – acute attacks, accompanied by pain in the back, loins, croup.
  • neuropathy is a change of sensitivity, including pain, which arises, paradoxically the response to weak stimuli (e.g., touch blankets causes a burning sensation pain).

How to relieve pain from varicose veins

Depending on the clinical forms of varicose veins can be used non-pharmacological methods of influence, drugs, folk remedies, or surgical treatment.

In the feet, knees

bandaging for varicose veins

For pain relief you first need to reduce the flow of blood to the venous vessels. If you want to do this, use elastic bandages or special products for compression socks. The turns of the bandage must be at least halfway to relate to the previous one, and socks, tights or socks to wear in the morning, until the swelling of the lower extremities.

Patients also give tips, which will help prevent pain:

  • avoid high heels, tight shoes, and a compressive garment (girdle, belt, corset, slimming underwear, with the exception of special);
  • night to give your feet elevated position;
  • the implementation of the daily contrast shower bath;
  • do not take hot baths for the feet, you can just use cold water;
  • forced long sitting or standing to make as many breaks to walk;
  • to avoid power sports, lifting and carrying of heavy objects;
  • to prevent the increase in body weight.

During pregnancy

In the period of implementation of the child usually does not assign tasks or injectable means. When the pain, but also in the preventive purposes it is recommended that the foot binding or the use of socks, and Golf. Compression level, must choose a specialist.

In multivitamin preparations, must be signed and P for the strengthening of the venous walls.

After the surgery

Most often the pain accompanied by surgery to completely remove the veins. In the recovery period assigned to the binding foot binding, the use of cold, which gives them exalted position, and then gymnastics, Hiking.

How to remove the unpleasant symptom of the folk remedies

Herbal medicines used for the treatment of varicose veins in official medicine. On the basis of them produced most of the medicines. For the preparation of infusions at home is recommended:

  • the fruits of horse chestnut,
  • birch bark,
  • horsetail grass,
  • the herb Astragalus
  • hop,
  • in immortelle flowers,
  • the leaves and bark of hazel,
  • raspberry leaf.

For the preparation of herbal remedies herbal raw materials thoroughly crushed. You can prepare a collection of these components, or to use one of them. After a soak period of 8 hours in a thermos ready infusion drink 1/3 Cup. Share (the ratio between grass and water) is usually 1:20. Topically for rubbing and lotions used Apple cider vinegar, juice of Kalanchoe, fresh burdock leaves or cabbage.

What to do if you are still torturing cramps

Cramps in the legs reduce, if you stand on a flat, cool, and moist surface (wet towel). For the relief of disease, it is recommended to pull the big toe, apply a light massage in the direction from the bottom up, walking without shoes on the ground, a lot of help to pricking with a pin in the area of the patient's muscles.

For the prevention of seizures, it is necessary to the daily compression of the lower limbs, bandages, socks, and therapeutic exercises. This may include the following exercises:

  • lifting on socks;
  • walking on heels and toes alternately.
  • slow flexion-extension of the toes;
  • circular movements in ankle joint;
  • "Bicycle" by lying on your back.

Each movement should be repeated 10 times with both feet.

treatment of varicose veins

Pain with varicose veins, caused by the strong charging of the venous system of blood. In order to alleviate, it is necessary to restrict the flow of blood in the lower extremities. This can be achieved with fleet feet or wearing medical clothing. At the same time the use of external resources in the form of ointments or gels, tasks, preparations, and folk remedies. In convulsive disorders recommend the complex of medical gymnastics.