What are the different types of stocking varicose veins and how to choose?

Varicose veins in the initial stages, treated with therapeutic methods, which include medications and going through physical therapy. A special place is compression therapy – the doctor is required to prescribe the patient to wear special underwear, which has beneficial effects on vein health. There are several types, but among women, the most popular are compression socks.

tights against varicose veins

Regularly wearing them has a positive effect on the health of the patient – not only to help to relieve the symptoms, but also to promote complete recovery. Prices on socks from varicose veins in the legs are quite high, but on the orthopedic underwear is not worth saving. Only high quality products will give a quick positive effect.

Compression socks – medical textile products, to ensure even distribution of pressure on the feet, which leads to normalization of blood flow.

40% of women who are faced with this problem, such as varicose veins. The most common cause of its occurrence becomes pregnancy when the body is present hormonal changes and increases the load on the legs. And if for men the most comfortable socks against varicose veins, women prefer the socks.

Orthopedic socks from varicose veins has the following advantages:

  • The compression effect is distributed not only on the shins but also on the hips.
  • A variety of materials and colors allows you to wear it under dresses and skirts.
  • Tights against varicose veins for pregnant women – the best option, because these products, unlike tights, do not constrict the stomach.
  • The absence of seams ensures maximum comfort and ease of wear.
  • The total absence of contraindications makes the treatment of varicose veins in a safe.

The only downside is the high price of orthopedic stocking. The higher cost is underwear for everyday wear.

To choose the linen against varicose veins should be wary. The therapeutic effect appears only, when properly selected size of the stocking and the compression rate.

Therapeutic effect of compression socks

Varicose veins most often appear on the surface of the leg muscles. This condition, characterized by distention of the peripheral veins and the weakening of the venous walls. Disease is at an advanced stage, can lead to serious consequences, such as blood circulation – the blood is not in a "normal mode" to move to the heart.

Stretched vessels, which are pressed against the skin, and with the development of the disease becomes visible, bluish "nodules" on your feet. Thicker blood vessels, the more they are visible on the surface of the skin.

To normalize the flow of blood through the venous system, it is necessary to provide on the whole surface of the feet properly distribute the pressure. For this medical socks for varicose veins. At each site of the lower limbs, they create the pressure of different forces. The largest compression is noted at the bottom of the ankle, because it need more force to move blood up. Ankle to the upper part represents 70% from the underwear, the pressure, and at the thigh only 40 %.

Orthopedic underwear compresses the veins, causing stagnant blood to move in veins. Normalized blood flow is unobstructed, moves into the heart.

For men and women orthopedic elastic socks have a complex effect on the health status of the patient with a diagnosis of varicose veins:

  • Vessels that are narrowed, that contributes to the normalization of the work of the valve mechanism. The result – disappears blue spider veins on the legs and significantly reduces the risk for thrombosis.
  • Capillaries better suck the extracellular fluid, which leads to the removal of edema, even under extreme physical loads.
  • The blood gets enough oxygen and nutrients.
underwear over varicose veins

Patient testimonials attest to the positive effect of wearing tights. And doctors insist on the use of compression products, not only for treatment but also for prevention. At risk – men and women after the age of 40 and pregnant.

What are compression socks?

Socks varicose veins for pregnant women and other patients are made from nylon, lycra and microfiber. The Material composition is selected individually depending on the degree of compression and the purpose of the orthopedic underwear. Treatment products is no different from the "standard" stocking. But their therapeutic effect is priceless!

If you follow the rules, who cares about socks, their therapeutic effect lasts for up to one year.

Compression is divided into the following groups:

  • Preventive. The doctor prescribes corrective socks for patients with initial stages of varicose veins – legs only formed a little visible venous "stars". Products of this type, which are advisable to wear even healthy people, to prevent the formation of thrombosis. They will be useful for representatives of these professions, which include a substantial load on the legs. Socks to prevent varicose veins, pregnant women are recommended by doctors to stabilize the normal blood flow already in the early stages of the child. It is noted, however, that women wore during pregnancy, compression socks, face less venous diseases. Often linen is used for the supply.
  • Treatment. These socks are designed for use in the advanced stage of varicose veins and in the period of aggravation of disease, when pain from heavy physical exertion prevent to live a normal, active life. To buy varicose socks, medical appointments better in specialized shops, that sell orthopedic products.
  • Hospital. This orthopedic underwear used by the patients in the period of rehabilitation after surgical interventions on the legs. Help restore normal blood flow.

Each therapeutic socks have a compression class. It depends on what kind of pressure on the muscles of the legs will provide the product. The positive effects of wearing orthopedic underwear notice only if properly selected his class!

Therefore, before the selection of compression socks for varicose veins, you should consult with your doctor. Specialist depending on the stage of the disease, to select the optimal variant.

There are socks, the following classes of compression:

  • 1 class. Compression – 18-22 mm Hg. article Products recommended for use in the initial stages of the disease, when the patient noted pain and swelling in the legs after exercise, when the first signs appear of varicose veins. To be noted that the wearing of the storage 1. class compression completely removes the unpleasant symptoms. A socks against varicose veins for pregnant women, who belong to the t.j. the remainder of the compression items.
  • Class 2. Compression – 23-32 mm Hg. article Jersey recommended by doctors for those patients who are already significantly varicose veins – frequent edema of the lower extremities and the visible "stars". This class of compression, suitable for wearing in the rehabilitation period.
  • Class 3. Compression – 33-45 mm Hg. article Socks belonging to this group are indicated for patients with diseases of the circulatory system in the severe stages. Without wearing knitwear impossible to comprehensively treat the disease!
  • Class 4. Compression is 46-50 mm Hg. the art of Linen for patients to eliminate the disturbance of the lymph flow. Socks 4. compression class shown after the patients ' surgeries, hospital treatment. But they will ensure the normal flow of blood in the full or partial paralysis.

To buy a pair of socks against varicose veins better after consulting with your doctor first. Only products 1. class compression can be purchased without a prescription specialist, as they are in the main designed to prevent and maintain the health of the feet during pregnancy.

How to choose socks against varicose veins?


Don't know how to choose compression socks for varicose veins, it is possible to achieve a high efficiency of the therapeutic treatment in a short time. The main factor, which should be followed by compression class of medical products. Already consult with doctor and established an appropriate level of density? Now select the type of stocking.

There are several:

  • the mid thigh,
  • to the groin
  • a zipper or fastener at the waist.

Products differ between each other only in length. Select the appropriate layer, depending on the extent of the spread of the disease. If the swollen veins visible not only on the legs and back and knee higher socks.

Another important point to consider when purchasing medical stocking their size. And it is important to pick lingerie that fits your parameters! Don't assume that products in smaller sizes will give the best effect – compression, which is stronger than recommended will only aggravate the problem of impaired blood flow. How to choose the right medical socks varicose veins on the size?

Armed with an inch and remove the measurements:

  • Size S. calf Circumference up to 23 cm circumference of calf – 32-35 cm
  • Size M. the Circumference of the lower leg – up to 26 cm circumference of calf up to 38 cm.
  • Size is L. if the Range of Shin – 29 cm, calf circumference – up to 41 see
  • Size XL. The calf circumference is 32 cm, calf circumference – 43 cm

The quality and the price of the socks against varicose veins, depending on a particular manufacturer. You should not choose knitwear "questionable" brand! The purchase of lingerie only proven manufacturers – high quality of the products confirm the testimonials of patients and doctors ' recommendations.

Guidelines for wearing compression socks

How to wear the surgical socks, tells the doctor. A lot of experts who insist on the regular use of therapeutic underwear – only then will this have a positive effect. In this case, the flow of blood in the legs is normalized, even under extreme physical loads.

Please note that compression stockings are correctly dressing:

  • Wear underwear after waking up. Of bed not get up.
  • Top products collected in an accordion and carefully put on your feet.
  • The gradual pacification of the stocking, pull the drumstick and thigh.