Compression underwear for varicose veins

If the venous system in the diagnosis of disorders, you need to know what contributes to the compression underwear for varicose veins, what is better to wear and how it can help in the complex treatment of diseases of the arteries and veins on the legs. Therapeutic knitwear stands a good tool that allows you to add a correction in the treatment of the disease, the patient's condition changes for the better.

varicose veins

Therapeutic knitwear stands a good tool that allows you to add a correction in the treatment of the disease, the patient's condition changes for the better.

Vasodilatation and the appearance of a blue strip on the lower limbs due to stagnation of blood due to the malfunctioning of the valves. If the varicose is left untreated, it can cause undesirable consequences, which may entail surgical intervention.

Often this disease occurs in women during pregnancy and childbirth, and while taking hormonal medicines, being overweight, the presence of atherosclerosis, genetic predisposition to disease. Compression garments (stockings, sleeves, socks and pantyhose, socks, and bandages), varicose veins used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment of the disease. For its wearing very little contraindications, can be used as normal underwear.

The mechanism of action of

A measure that produces a therapeutic linen, which is a pressure of different intensity in different zones on the feet. The strongest pressure, which traditionally occurs in the lower part of the limb (ankle). This is because to raise the blood in this place, you need to exert maximum effort. When lifting becomes smaller and narrower on the hips is about 40%. Compression socks for varicose veins, helps blood flow and helps to prevent its stagnation by the application of pressure on the veins. So compression helps to normalize the blood flow. Medical linen is granted:

  • reducing the load on the legs;
  • symptoms of varicose veins;
  • reduce varicose;
  • the normalization of the blood flow;
  • prevent blood clots;
  • support the body during pregnancy;
  • improving the efficiency of sports training;
  • complex treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

These are the main problems requiring therapeutic knit. But in compression the surface of the legs need not only people with diseases of the circulatory system. These funds can be used for weight loss, to remove excess fluid, smooth out the wrinkles of fat. These devices doctors suggest that uses for the first time after the birth of the child, as it helps in the prevention of the most common complications (uterine prolapse, prolapse of vaginal walls). Supports the muscular system of the abdomen, which was of the order of the during pregnancy.

As for sports, compression socks contribute to the achievement of greater results with less expenditure of resources of energy in the body. This helps to enhance the health of the people slowly get tired and you can achieve the best results. This applies to both the male and the female body. Contra-indications to the wearing of such items:

  • atherosclerotic disease and other disorders in the arteries;
  • the presence of bedsores and ulcers;
  • dermatitis (for whatever reason).

The classes of compression and the type of laundry

Medical linen is inherent in compression, which is measured in millimetres of mercury column (pressure). Linen of varicose veins is divided into the following types:

  1. Prevention, which is able to provide a mechanical distribution of pressure in a small scale (up to 18 mm Hg. calendar). This is largely to prevent people who work sitting or standing with the sport, and pregnant women.
  2. Treatment. It has a higher pressure (about 49 mm of mercury. calendar). The greatest impact on the area of the ankles.
  3. Hospital. Provides maximum support vessels and protects against thrombosis, it may be used after childbirth to support the pelvic organs.
treatment of varicose veins

Medical compression garment is not the free market. It is prescribed only prescription. Buy it in special shops that sell orthopedic products. Medical compression garment is divided into the following classes of pressure:

  1. First class. Compression reaches 23 mm. RT. article can carry people with varicose veins in the initial phase, when only the first signs in the form of stars of blood vessels, increasing the size of the veins, and the pain in the evening.
  2. Second grade. The pressure reaches 33 mm. Hg. article prescribed for the treatment of thrombophlebitis and diseases of the veins of medium severity.
  3. Third class. This lingerie creates a compression to 45 mm Hg. art Products are assigned when there is venous insufficiency in the severe form, which is accompanied by trophic disorders.
  4. Fourth class. In such products the pressure reaches 50 mm Hg. art. Used to reduce the interference in the blood, elimination of edema, which causes the disease.

Preventive knitwear and underwear in first class, you can choose to buy yourself, and wearing the articles of other classes, as prescribed by the doctor. He will give you advice, tell you how to wear and what to carry out.

How to choose the right medical linen?

The product range is wide, and you choose a product yourself, you can lose, so that you will have to know the principle of selection. A therapeutic compression garment, regardless of its type, designed to prevent the appearance of varicose veins or to relieve the symptoms. These can be covered stockings, socks and tights. The difference is in the length: knee-strained knee socks achieved in the upper part of the hips and the tights finish at the waist. Localization of the main manifestations of the disease influence the choice of products.

If the veins are enlarged in the area of the lower part of the leg, you can wear socks. And if the veins are dilated above, you can buy socks or stockings. In such circumstances, each chooses what he likes more. Socks and tights with therapeutic effect for women may be decorated with patterns or to be transparent. Men's underwear is made from traditional knitwear. According to the company, or brand, all products carry the same compression. The differences are the design, duration of use, and price.

There is no need to save for such things as buying them by hand or in problematic locations. The labelling on the packaging indicates no density and intensity of compression (in mm of mercury. calendar). If you offer medical linen, which indicates the number of den, it is better to refuse, as the therapeutic effect is wearing them to achieve the impossible, Hoping for positive results, you can start a disease. Then move to a more complex form. Do not forget to specify the degree of compression itself is impossible.

Specific for your class of medical underwear, by a doctor after research veins and blood vessels.

Compression products

Because the range is wide, you need to know which types of these resources, you need the following:

  1. Tights. They are one of the most popular models of therapeutic socks. Among them are also those used by women during carrying a child. In them, the elastic band does not produce compression in the abdomen. You need to choose a model, that top ended at your waist, so that it is possible to reach the maximum effect (the pressure is distributed on all parts of the lower extremities evenly).
  2. Socks. Their performance is the same, but the peculiarity is that it does not slip and no pressure on the belly, so that some women give them the advantage. The other advantage of these models is that they can be worn in the summer (some of the types are open-toed).
  3. Socks, leg warmers. This model is more suitable for men. With a stylish design, you can not even hide the underwear under shorts. Socks that go well in a sporty style dresses. But you need to remember to wear them only if the varicose disease has not spread to the area above the knee. If the veins bulging on the thighs, you need to socks or stockings.
  4. An elastic bandage. This type of compression underwear is a worse usability compared to other options. Its fairly long winded, it is not very tight and the slide. For active people this means it is not suitable. It is often used in the postoperative period. The advantage is its low price.

Concern for these products, hand washable without the push-UPS, wash in cold water, by the use of means for washing and dust should not be. They cannot be dried in the sun and in the vicinity of the batteries.

underwear for varicose veins

In addition to the use of different drugs for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, experts recommend wearing compression underwear. This brings significant benefits in the treatment of diseases, promotes blood flow, realize the normalization of the blood vessels and veins. Improves blood circulation, reduces swelling, and are painful. But that called the underwear is not very worth it — better to go to the doctor, which will choose the appropriate option.