Vein treatment on legs folk remedies

Vein treatment on legs folk remedies — this is an affordable method of getting rid of the disease, not as an alternative to medication, as almost all drugs are designed on the basis of plant extracts, or contain natural ingredients.

Peculiarities of treatment of varicose veins with the help of folk remedies

treatment of varicose veins

Many people believe in the effectiveness of folk medicine, for centuries, accumulating experience in the treatment of various diseases, trying to find that magic recipe for how to treat varicose veins folk remedies, quickly and easily. But, unfortunately, also doctors and healers do not tell immediate processing. All recipes are based on regular and prolonged use of certain medications.

For example, in the treatment of varicose veins chestnut, which has received widespread, today, it takes at least 3 weeks. If necessary the course is repeated several times. Used since ancient times, treatment of varicose veins Shilajit, depending on the regimens of the drug, is not less than 10 days, with full recovery of course is repeated many times.

With proper and responsible treatment of varicose veins on legs folk remedies, is an effective way to eliminate the symptoms that accompany the disease: fatigue and discomfort, after a day, swelling, feeling of weight in the legs and pain. The use of recipes of alternative medicine, people interrupt the development of the disease, prevent stagnation in the veins and blockage of blood vessels, improve venous tone and appearance of your feet.

It is important to remember that folk remedies with varicose veins of the lower extremities is necessary to first eliminate or prevent the causes of diseases, ie:

  • to increase the density and elasticity of the vascular walls;
  • to start the process of regeneration of special valves;
  • to normalize the circulation, dilution of blood;
  • to eliminate the risk for blood clots;
  • relieve inflammation occurring in the damaged veins;
  • due to its diuretic property of certain substances to relieve swelling of the lower extremities.

The advantages of alternative medicine

Traditional recipes from the varicose veins on the legs include preparations which you can prepare at home components, all categories of the population. Components can be expensive to buy in the pharmacy or online store.

Folk remedies for varicose veins on the legs has the following advantages:

  • non-toxic;
  • almost all the compounds, which have a pleasant aroma;
  • it can be a long, to retain its properties when properly stored;
  • some of the herbs you can compose yourself, or grow on the windowsill;
  • have low price and high performance.

How to treat varicose veins folk remedies depends on the shape of the drug and the desired effect. All methods are divided into local and General.

The general methods of treatment are diet, herbal baths, infusions, and decoctions, taken by mouth. Many of the tracks are tonic effect, used for local effects to the affected veins.

The preparation of the topical applications include creams and wraps, foot baths, lotions, imposed on parts of the feet.

It is important that you know! If the infusions and decoctions, to cook simply, in order to prepare the ointment having the desired properties, which requires knowledge and experience.

As mentioned above, the duration of treatment of varicose veins on legs folk remedies is at least a month. Perhaps striping formulations, interruption, repeat the course.

The unique diet that by healers in the treatment of varicose veins

Healers recommend starting the events for the treatment of varicose veins with fasting, which lasts from 5 to 7 days, and does not depend on the weight of the patient.

During the week is a man who has decided to use the traditional methods for the treatment of varicose veins on the legs, should be excluded from the diet of bakery products from a premium flour, cakes, sweets (except honey), sweets, spices and hot spices, alcohol, coffee, meat and fish dishes. Fluid intake is limited only by individual peculiarities of the organism.

The first two days, eat only fruit, drink fruit juices. Very well, if you can include in the diet, cranberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn, fig. On the third day, add the rice and buckwheat porridge, salad of fresh vegetables, vegetable oil, nettle soup.

folk medicine against varicose veins

After seven days you can start to eat normally. But we have to remember that when varicose veins need to exclude a food with a high content of starch: flour (bread, pastries) and cooked potatoes. If you really wanted to eat potatoes, it is better to boil or bake the "single".

For reviews of patients, so the diet is used for 2-5 days every month, not only helps with varicose veins, but many other diseases. Care should be considered for people who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as fruits and berries, and can cause acute disease.

Restorative procedures are used, both in traditional as in folk medicine. These include the bath and the foot bath with the addition of decoctions or infusions, compresses with infusions and ointments, wraps and more.

It is important to not forget! Baths are contraindicated in the case of trophic ulcers and thrombophlebitis.

The healing properties of baking soda

Very good at helping people treatment of varicose veins baking soda. The product is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Component dissolved in the water in the following proportions:

  • one pack per bath;
  • 5-7 tablespoons to 5 litres of liquid for foot bath.

Bath with baking soda in 15-30 minutes, when the water temperature is not exceed 40 degrees, then you need to rinse with clean water and wipe with a towel. Feet the solution to 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water, pat dry and spread a special ointment.

Baths and baths are an excellent prevention of varicose veins, and often prescribed by physicians for treatment of the disease.

Compresses with baking soda to instantly relieve pain with varicose veins and a feeling of weight in the legs. Soda appears on the sore areas, at the top covered with a piece of cabbage, which is pre-applied soap. All of this is covered by the towel and left for the night. Through the day people will feel less swelling, reduce pain, and disappeared with the weight in the legs. After 10 days in which to make such a compress will noticeably improve the General condition of the blood vessels and the appearance of the legs.

The oral solution is prepared immediately before use: 1 teaspoon in 150 g of water. The product should be taken twice a day, morning and evening.

Action of horse chestnut

A popular folk remedy for varicose veins on the legs horse chestnut strengthens the veins and capillaries, prevents the formation of blood clots, in addition, promotes the resorption of already formed clots. However, this action will be sufficiently effective only in case of exact compliance with the recipes and rules for admission.

Recipe preparation:

  1. The fruits of horse chestnut (or flowers) in the amount of 50 g the crushed and filled with high quality vodka (0.5 l).
  2. The capacity of the composition is removed in a warm and dark room.
  3. Within 2 weeks, the drug should be mixed and shaken.
  4. After 14 days, the tincture is filtered and poured into a container of dark glass.

Ready medicine take two schemes:

  • internal use: daily 3 times daily 40 drops for 21 days;
  • external application: every day for two hours is a compress soaked in the infusion of gauze.

Horse chestnut has shown good results in the initial stage of varicose veins in both cases. So the choice depends on the patient. Schemes can be alternated.

Recipes from the apiary

bees with varicose veins

Treatment of varicose veins bees rather strange and unexpected recipe, to the surprise of the people, which shows good results. The fact that contained in the sting of bees, has the property of thinning blood. And high blood viscosity leads to the formation of blood clots.

Therefore, treatment of varicose veins by bees is considered to be effective, if done in accordance with the rules. Bee needs to bite the man's flat in the outer varice. After the bite the patient feels severe pain and burning sensation, but then when they are gone, the reduction of venous nodes and improve the health of the person.

Bee venom in addition to reducing clotting of blood, eliminates stasis in the legs, it helps to improve the work of the venous valves, strengthens vascular walls.

Method of treatment is contraindicated:

  • if you are allergic to bee products;
  • in cancer and infectious diseases;
  • in diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • diabetes type 1 diabetes and poor blood clotting.

Often used varicose veins, propolis, propolis, is a part of many popular recipes. For example, the ointment for varicose veins with the household. the soap and the propolis prepared quickly and easily: beeswax (100 g) and propolis, blended with olive oil (150 g) and cedar resin (100 g), is brought to the boil in a water bath. A homogenous composition is poured into a glass and stored in the refrigerator. Used every day, and at night, from above, is covered with a bandage. The process is repeated for 10-20 days.

Treatment of varicose veins honey salt takes only four days and used more than 1 hour per month. Tool, that reduces swelling, pain and fatigue of the lower limbs. In one Cup of honey mixed a tablespoon of coarse salt. The mixture is applied to a bandage and applied to the affected area. On top of all the close to tighten the elastic bandage. For the first time enough to compress 2 hours, then you can increase the time up to 4 hours. The fourth wrap left on all night. Almost immediately reduce the varices, and improved the look of the legs.

Aloe Vera: mostly cooking

Aloe Vera for varicose veins is widely used. There are a lot of recipes based on the incredible plant, the juice, which is rich in trace elements and stimulants. It is important to draw the Foundations. Of particular value are the old leaves of plants, which have accumulated a lot of nutrients.

Juice is compressed out of them only after extreme storage. For this, leaves are treated with boiling water and dried, then placed in a refrigerator and stored for a week at a temperature of +6 degrees.

Then aloe Vera is ground, pressed and filtered. And on the basis of the obtained juice from a variety of dosage formulations, including varicose veins.

For example: you need to mix 100 grams of aloe juice and 5 grams of Shilajit. The result of the composition is valid for the problem in this area. By the way, a mix of very good help in the treatment of varicose ulcers. Oiled areas are better to cover with a parchment paper or plantain, and a wrap on the day. A day later the compress is removed, and the area lubricated with the oil of st. john's wort.

Recipes of traditional medicine against varicose veins

A good help for varicose veins treatment of varicose veins garlic. Garlic (250 g)ground and mixed with honey (350 g). Infuse the mixture for at least 10 days, taken 1 tablespoon 20-30 minutes before meals. Over time, will improve the status in the blood and the vessel wall.

Varicose disease is manifested by swelling and foot fatigue, pain and discomfort in the lower extremities. A variety of infusions with varicose veins great relieve the tension of the arteries, combats swellings and reduces pain. The stems and leaves of grass (30 g) was completely dissolved, pour hot water (1 Cup) in 10 minutes, cooked on low heat. Gauze need to moisten and cool to room temperature the solution, wrapping her legs and on top wrapped in a warm scarf or towel. The legs are in the raised position. The poultice is kept for 25-30 minutes.

Despite the mass of useful properties of rosehip with varicose veins can be dangerous. The fruit of the plant, which are rich not only in vitamin C thin the blood, but vitamin K, is the greatly increased blood clotting. This is rose hips is harmful for people who are prone to thrombosis, increased blood clots and varicose veins.

Ginger for varicose veins, which is used as an anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger tea treat illnesses at any stage. A small piece of the root of the plants, which is filled with boiling water. The drink is ready to use in 15 minutes. Ginger tea improves blood circulation, improves metabolism, eliminates swelling. Not less effective compresses of ginger. The root should be finely grated, mixed with honey and applied to the inflamed veins. The process takes approximately 4 hours and is repeated daily. Feet, it is advisable to wrap up warm blanket.

Normal food aluminum foil, which are used by Housewives for cooking and food storage is an excellent tool in the fight against varicose veins. The foil relieves the pain associated with varicose veins. Treatment of varicose veins foil to wrap the patients feet for 5 to 20 minutes. You can place a piece of foil on the affected area and press with an elastic bandage. The course of treatment is 10-15 days. After a week's break lining can be repeated.

Juniper berry oil has a positive effect on varicose veins, reduces inflammation and reduces pain. Packs of juniper can be alternated with baths for the feet. Before the adoption of the juniper inside, we should mention the diuretic properties of the berries that can cause thickening of the blood and consequently, formation of blood clots.


Hawthorn improves condition of blood vessels, improves elasticity of the vascular wall, normalizes blood circulation, prevents the formation of blood clots. You can eat the fruits and flowers of the plant. Take medication orally in the form of decoction, infusion and tea.