Treatment of reticular veins

Reticular varicose veins – venous disease of the lower extremities, many patients do not pay too much attention. As a rule, this disease is perceived as a cosmetic error. However, this problem requires a solution and medical care.

Reticular varices: a description of the problem

reticular varices

Reticular varices, also known as micro varicose veins is a vascular disease affecting the lower extremities. Treating the symptoms of varicose veins doctors and surgeons. For the quality of the application of diagnostic ultrasound scanning. This procedure is safe and painless.

This type of varicose veins does not lead to serious complications and even death. The essence of the disease, varicose veins located immediately under the skin.

This causes blue or purple spots on the legs. Such phenomena cannot be ignored because of any varicose veins may not be working correctly. Over time, the pathology will only grow and get worse.

The discomfort, which is typical for vascular disease, in this case, it is usually not.

This form of varicose veins occasionally lead to edema of the legs, but not to light the severity of this phenomenon. Reticular varicose veins are most commonly seen in women and young girls, but for them the aesthetic appearance of the legs has an important role.

Fortunately, today there are effective treatments and other methods that allow the treatment of the traces of this disease. When the system is appropriate treatment, the problem is solved thoroughly and painlessly.

Symptoms of micro-varicose veins

The main symptom that bothers patients the disease is the formation of spider veins, which is visible with the naked eye.

However, depending on the severity of the disease, are indicated, and other characteristics of reticular veins:

  • swelling of the legs, which typically occurs in the evening and after prolonged exercise of the lower extremities;
  • the tension leg in the legs;
  • cramps that occur at night;
  • itching in the area of the varicose;
  • intradermal bleeding and bruising;
  • in severe cases, external venous bleeding.

These symptoms bring, not only physical, but also psychological discomfort. Despite the relative safety of this type of varicose veins, treatment is recommended to consult a doctor.


Clarification of the conditions for the occurrence of the disease, which is of great importance for healing. Sometimes reticular varicose veins can be congenital, but more often occurs in relation to different negative factors.

Doctors there are several causes that lead to the occurrence of these forms of varicose veins:

  • genetic predisposition plays an important role in the occurrence of many diseases of blood vessels, in particular micro-varicose veins;
  • hormonal changes that affect women during pregnancy and breast-feeding often causes this form of varicose veins;
  • oral contraceptives also leads to changes in hormonal levels and can cause reticular varices;
  • excess weight brings about extra strain for the veins of the lower extremities and causes this form of varicose disease;
  • wearing tight clothes and spanx impairs circulation and leads to varicose expansion of the veins;
  • sharp overcooling or overheating of the lower limbs sometimes provoke such a pathological phenomenon;
  • damage to the skin due to the burn damage to the subcutaneous vessels;
  • increased load on the lower limbs. People who, because of work, spend a lot of time on their feet, rarely to avoid such problems, such as varicose veins;
  • metabolic substances, which as a result of diabetes or other diseases that affects many systems, including the blood.
  • diseases of the liver and gall bladder leads to disruption of metabolic processes and promotes the development of venous disease.
treatment of varicose veins

A list of conditions is quite extensive, so in very rare cases it is possible to avoid these diseases. Also the surgeon that you are here, you can know about the disease, not only from practice but also from my own experience.

Treatment with micro-varicose veins

If the medical examination and the ultrasound examination showed a reticular varices, it can be treated.

It is not necessary a lot of hope on the treatment folk remedies.

Effective therapy is made depending on the reason for the use of the medicinal product and, in some cases, minimally invasive procedures. Modern technology allows in most cases to do without surgery.


As a rule, the treatment of reticular forms of varicose veins start with conservative measures. External resources to strengthen oral medications that together can permanently arrest the symptoms of the disease or to get rid of it for a long time.

The very popular treatment is creams and ointments from the disease. The most simple and accessible among them the drug is Heparin ointment. Increases local blood circulation, prevents the formation of blood clots. External funds must be rubbed into the affected area and gently massage. To use ointments and creams, preferably twice a day, if the doctor does not prescribe a different scheme.

The second part of the therapy are remedies for varicose veins that are available in the tablet form. Contributing to the improvement of vascular permeability, the blood vessels more elastic and prevent damage.

In the treatment of reticular veins is well proven wearing compression underwear. The rate of compression will be chosen by the doctor. Wear this Jersey on a daily basis. This will improve blood circulation, reduces tension and swelling of the lower extremities.

Minimally invasive procedures

If conservative measures have proven ineffective or the disease is in the severe stage, you might need more drastic measures. Do not be afraid of such methods: they are modern and safe. In most cases, minimally invasive treatments do not bring pain and do not require long-term rehabilitation.

In centers of phlebology implement such a method, intended for the treatment of micro-veins:

  • Sclerotherapy is a common procedure, which consists in introducing into the affected veins sclerosing composition. It nourishes the blood vessels and prevents the recurrence of the disease. The process takes a maximum of 1 hour. In some cases, requiring multiple sessions;
  • Phlebectomy is the surgical excision of the damaged part of the vein. This procedure is completely painless and as soon as the patient can returns to normal activities;
  • Laser treatment – modern, minimally invasive treatment of reticular form of pathology. Led laser operates on the principle of sclerosant: it heats and adheres to the wall of the affected vessel.

Such procedures are a modern alternative to the surgical procedure. Their advantage is the absence of discomfort, and the option to save the healthy parts of the vein.

Reticular varices: prevention

People who are at risk for this type of pathology should adhere to the preventive measures against this disease. Are clear and easy to follow.

First, lifestyle change. Currently, many people, especially in cities, lead a sedentary lifestyle. To avoid becoming a victim of micro varicose veins, you must include on your way to a day of Hiking or playing sports.

the prevention of varicose veins

Secondly, without detracting from their daily duties, you can do gymnastics. Exercises performed in the seated position. The complex consists of the rotation of the foot and the transition of the foot from toe to heel and back.

Third, you need to stick to a diet that contains a lot of vegetables and fruits, and protein foods: lean meat, fish and seafood, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Prevention should be addressed from a young age, because after 40-45 years, such measures will not bring the desired results.