Compression underwear for varicose veins

Compression underwear for varicose veins is used to facilitate the overall condition of the affected extremities. Represents the different types of socks, which allows you to select the model for women, men, taking into account the physiological functions of the body. This underwear putting pressure on the affected areas evenly. This helps keep the walls of the blood vessels tone, blood circulation in the direction from the bottom up. The drawbacks of these products are nearly there. However, the result may be noticed, only if you have correctly matched the size of the underwear.

Indications and contra-indications

underwear over varicose veins

Compression stockings recommended for treatment and prevention of diseases of the blood vessels. Indications for use:

  • varicose veins;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • lymphedema;
  • thrombosis;
  • prolonged trophic ulcers.

Maintenance of the vessels in good shape by artificial means, — a necessary measure on the first symptoms of the above diseases. For this reason, as soon as spider veins or veins dragging pain, fatigue and other symptoms, it is recommended to go to the doctor and the first meeting for the purchase of socks. Health benefits underwear for varicose veins due to the uneven impact on different parts of the lower extremities. So, tibia accounts for 70% of the load.

Due to the uneven pressure on the feet and normalizes the blood flow in this area of the musculoskeletal.

Compression socks do not allow the blood to stagnate. As a result, the risk of blood clots is significantly reduced.

Thanks for the renewed blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition, which in turn has a positive effect on the properties of the walls of blood vessels, restores their elasticity, eliminates or reduces the intensity of the injury. In addition, pressure reduces the lumen in the vein.

We distinguish between absolute and relative contra-indications. In the first case, the used compression socks is prohibited without a reservation. Relative contraindications leave, the possibility to use the laundry, which is determined by the condition of the body of the patient. It is forbidden to use socks with specific properties in the following cases:

  • aortoarteritis;
  • disease;
  • thromboangiitis obliterans;
  • atherosclerosis.

Relative contraindications:

  • violation of the integrity of the skin: wounds, bedsores, eczema, dermatitis, with suppuration;
  • thrombophlebitis in the acute form;
  • trophic lesions on the skin the bacterial infection;
  • cardio-pulmonary insufficiency;
  • septic phlebitis;
  • diabetes.

Compression underwear

Jersey, which provides the desired level of pressure on the veins, is an alternative to the elastic bandage. Products from this material are available in several versions:

  • the knee;
  • knee pads;
  • socks;
  • tights.

Medical knitwear in view of the compression of the Golf put on lower legs (foot to knee). Such products help to heal varicose veins have developed, apply them, and with a view to the prevention of deep vein thrombosis. The socks are available in several sizes and colors, so that it will be easier to choose the most appropriate model for the feet of the man and the woman.

Compression knee braces are recommended for people who are exposed to heavy loads.

There are various types of such products: various properties of a material. Socks — the most popular choice among women because they are easy to use, in most cases, they look more and more attractive. This option closes the lower extremity of the leg to the mid thigh. Socks are recommended to wear if there were weight in the legs, vascular mesh and other signs of varicose veins. Used to prevent thrombosis.

Tights to wear harder. In addition, this type of socks feet, floats in the warm season. The advantage of compression underwear is the impact along the entire length of the lower extremities. Are tights for pregnant women. The level of pressure in the abdomen, which is the minimum, most of the burden falls on the shank, which allows the use of such products with the first trimester and before birth. You only need to change the model of the tights, because there is a change in the size of the abdomen.

Men's compression underwear

treatment of varicose veins

Knitted fabrics with special properties, recommended for use with the representatives of the stronger sex, because these products are designed taking into account the physiological characteristics of the body. The length of the foot in them more and not spots. Men use socks and tights. If the varicose vein struck in the area in the lower part of the leg area, it is recommended that you wear socks. Tights doctor prescribed for varicocele (pathology of veins in the testes), blood circulation in the groin.

Compression underwear for women

Knit performs exactly the same function as underwear for men, with compression, however, the options for colors and patterns a lot more. Women use all types of compression products: knee socks, panty hose, tights, stockings, socks. Indications for compression of the pitch are the same as for men. Socks are recommended to wear if the pathology has spread to the entire length of the lower limbs. Tights depending on the pregnant women and women in childbirth, as in these cases the risk for the occurrence of varicose veins in the groin (labia, vagina).

How to choose underwear?

First consider the size of the product. If the treatment of varicose veins, used the wrong model, it would not be good. For example, the small size, which will aggravate the condition of blood vessels, and too large tights will have the desired effect in the affected areas.

Select knit must have the circumferences of the lower extremities in different areas:

  • if you plan to buy compression socks, take into account the diameter of the legs on 2 levels: the ankle and below the knee. Moreover, the length from the heel to the fossa behind the knee;
  • when choosing a stocking to mid-thigh, take into account the circumference of the leg at a distance of 30 cm from the knee. In accordance with this principle, shall be calculated on the midpoint of the thigh. It is necessary to know the total length of the product. This is determined from the heel to the midpoint of the thigh;
  • if you need to purchase a compression stocking up to the groin, the change in circumference of the leg are doing at the level where inner thigh becomes in the crotch. The total length is determined from this point to the heel;
  • when choosing compression socks, need to know, the waist, the hips. A key role is played by the length from the heel to the groin.

For the comfort of underwear with compression is available in multiple sizes. Brand, Jersey is the mark RAL-GZ 387. An important criterion is the compression rate.

How to wear?

Compression garments should be used based on the number of differences, otherwise the risk of spoilage of the product increases:

  • wear socks with compression, you need evenly distributed across the foot. It is impossible to collect material "accordion". There are special tools that facilitate this process. However, they are useful if you use linen with a high degree of compression;
  • to avoid damage to the product, the nail should be cut. On his hands he wore gloves, which reduces the risk of delay. All of the calluses and roughness may cause the violation of the integrity of compression socks;
  • wear underwear is recommended in the morning, lying in bed, in the absence of the swelling;
  • the question of the duration of the use of compression socks is solved with the doctor individually. It is recommended to wear underwear at the time of increased activity.

Which class of compression to choose?

underwear during pregnancy

Therapeutic and preventive effect is ensured by the pressure on the lower part of the handle. On the basis of differences in the value of this parameter shall be allocated to the classes of compression:

  1. Class 1 - the pressure in the range of 18-21 mm Hg. the art of Lingerie is used to prevent. It is recommended that women who are pregnant and people who are employed on sedentary work, and in the cases where the first signs of varicose veins. Jersey of this type can be worn for a longer period.
  2. Compression class 2 — pressure of 23-32 mm Hg. article. This option is most common because it is used as auxiliary measures in the treatment of developed varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.
  3. Class 3 — 34-46 mmHg. article Knit this type is recommended for use people with severe venous insufficiency.
  4. Class 4 — from 46 mm Hg. art. and more. Compression socks this pressure is used in rare cases.