Varicose veins labia: causes, symptoms and treatment

Anyone who hears about the varicose disease, immediately the Association of disease of the legs – when is the formation of varices, the veins to swell and start to protrude from under the skin.

But in medicine, you can meet other types of this disease, and one of these species belongs to the varices of the genital area, or better yet, the labia. This illness is a painful symptoms that can affect the normal sexual life, in addition to ugly.

varices of the labia

Varicose disease of the labia in women, they are often, as a rule, the disease occurs during pregnancy. Approximately 30% of women, these changes occur during pregnancy, each additional pregnancy increases the likelihood of this disease. 5 – 10% of women it persists once your baby is born.

This depends on genetic factors, lifestyle, work. Often veins to swell only during the pregnancy and after it is all over. It is worth noting that the varicose veins after the labia, prevents, that the successful implementation of the child and to give birth normally. If time and correctly to begin treatment, it is possible to prevent progression of the disease and the various complications.

The causes of the disease, varicose

When a woman is pregnant, her body is bad, because a lot of energy spent in the pregnancy occurs, hormonal changes, etc, and this leads to the development of chronic diseases and causing new diseases.

The causes of varicose veins include:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • exercise, or without them;
  • increase in body weight;
  • chronic diseases of small pelvis organs;
  • 2, 3 and subsequent pregnancy;
  • answer before you get pregnant, hormonal drugs, which affect the position of women.

So is varicose veins, such as varicose veins on the labia majora. This should alert a woman and her seriously about his condition.

Many do not know that varicose veins particularly strong progress, when a woman in the position, because the flow of blood in the veins of the legs and pelvic organs begins to slow down due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy.

Great value has a heredity, the number of births, and if Vienna is a very prevalent sexual lips and the perineum, it can lead to bleeding during labor and optimal then it will be a variant of cesarean section.

The symptoms of the labia

After the birth, a week varicose veins on the labia begin to fade, and after 1 - 1.5 months, it is almost invisible. However, there are cases when the disease is neglected, these veins not only remain, but still cause a lot of problems and discomfort during intimacy, and the general status of women.

Many women describe their feelings: "feels like sex on the lips, some of the bursting of the". Sometimes it can appear and itching in the perineum, irritation, discomfort when visiting the toilet.

Treatment of diseases of the sexual organs

A lot of people are asking: "How to treat varicose on the labia?". The method of sclerotherapy is one of the most effective in the treatment of this disease, it is similar to the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities and the essence of the ego is, that in the place where the varicose veins progresses, cooled with cold air, then the drug is injected into a vein, enhances and adhesive to the walls of blood vessels, stop the flow of blood.

All the procedure, the woman must be performed on an outpatient basis, and do not be afraid, because everything happens without injury and without pain, and what is most important to you will be very satisfied, because even bruises will not be seen, the treatment delivers a very high quality result (cosmetic as well).

It is also used laser therapy that is mainly used after doctor's permission, will turn to traditional medicine, which compresses with an infusion of calendula leaves of buckwheat, and there are a lot of procedures with buckwheat flour.

The prevention and treatment of

treatment of varicose veins

Comprehensive treatment of varicose veins of the labia is made from the use of the drug without the drug and also in rare cases, surgical intervention. Non-drug treatment is another way of life pregnant women, physical education (specific exercises), underwear compression, the type, and if they meet all of the recommendations, the result will not keep itself waiting long.

In the first place – the refusal of shoes with heels, wedges; physical activity (swimming, Hiking), be careful what you eat, because constipation can increase pressure inside the abdomen; to maintain your weight, not to gain a lot, but if it happens, try as soon as possible to lose weight.

It is necessary to wear the underwear without the elastics – do not give good without the blood, and the special elastic stockings; the proper application of an elastic bandage, if necessary (wrap-around occurs from the bottoms of the legs).

Treatment with drugs: anticoagulant stains, grease, which are formed from heparin and the use of medications that affect venous tone (but only if standing in for the doctor).

Ways to relieve the disease

So, let's summarize, what they are, how you can prevent, and if the disease is already occurred, to correct the status of the pregnant women.

  • Every day you have to take a shower and keep clean genitals.
  • Wearing lingerie only from quality and natural materials.
  • Stop wearing high heel shoes.
  • Could a tonic preparations veins.
  • Do not stay long on the legs. For those who have a profession, a position, try to leave in the ordinance, the faster or find ways to relax more time.
  • A special ointment.
  • Contact a specialist for varicose veins and consultation, as well as preventive.

The main thing in this case – it is always time to solve the problems related to the disease, such as varicose veins labia during pregnancy is a serious pathology and can bring a lot of problems in this interesting position of women.

But, if the disease has already come and annoy you, do not succumb to depressive Stan, because, as you know, this is not fatal, and after the birth, you will forget about this problem, because you have other worries and concerns, which is in the care of the newborn child.

Therefore, if you decide to have a child, must first consult with the doctor ( the doctor with the problems, diseases, varicose veins), will bring peace of mind for your life in all pregnancy and for the little life in you, for which you are required to monitor their health. Caution, caution, happiness and health to you!