Apple cider vinegar varicose veins on the legs, and use for the treatment and recipes

Varicose veins is a disease of the lower extremities that affects a lot of people, which robs us of the beauty and harmony of the legs, causing pain and inconvenience, making it difficult to work the arteries and veins on the legs, does not lend itself to the way of life, that we are satisfied, can cause damage. The cause for varicose veins are large loads on the legs, very active lifestyle, high heel shoes, if necessary, spend the whole day on your feet. In the result, the veins swell, become bluish-purple hue, which are formed nodules, and blood vessel walls become thinner. Blood with varicose veins of the stagnates in the veins, circulates poorly, there is a lot of weight and swelling of the legs. How to ease the disease? Well folk prescription treatment is to use Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins, what they say and criticism. How to use at home and achieve good results in the treatment – will be discussed.

Help folk remedies

Apple cider vinegar towards the varicose veins

Varicose veins is a very common disease among people older than 30 years. Pathology is the diagnosis in 80% of women and 30% men. To completely remove the varicose, if you do not start treatment of this disease of the legs is almost impossible. With advanced forms of disease of the lower extremities are assigned to drug treatment or surgery. In the early stages of varicose veins, treatment is recommended at home, the most popular among them, as the show ratings – Apple cider vinegar, a recipe application, which is very simple.

Treatment of varicose veins with Apple cider vinegar can be effective thanks to the ingredients of the product. Contains magnesium, potassium, silicon, phosphorus and about 20 other minerals in trace and vitamins a, b and C and is essential for the human body acid. Made to the correct prescription drugs intended for use within or it must be used for rubbing, compresses, baths. All these applications have a positive impact on the arteries and veins. Apple cider vinegar for an effective prescription also helps against various skin diseases and improves the overall condition of the body.

In the treatment of diseases of the lower limbs, this recipe has a beneficial effect, namely:

  • Makes stronger walls of blood vessels.
  • Swelling of the varicose veins and skin tones.
  • Makes the skin more elastic and smooth.

The advantages and effectiveness of the product that have been proven for many critics. Regular use of the drug for the treatment makes the skin smoother and more elastic, gets rid of small wounds and inflammation. Available in the Apple cider vinegar acid, improves metabolic processes in the body, helps eliminate toxins and other substances harmful to varicose veins.

Select the quality of the product

Shops offer a wide range of this product, but to treat the home better use of Apple cider vinegar from our own production. Manufacturers often it is prepared from peel and core of apples, which do not give the product all the necessary properties for medical applications. Or in the form of a solution sale may be colored essence. Apple cider vinegar will be much more useful to the veins, blood vessels and skin, if you will not yourself right prescription from a good sweet apples. This is a simple process, and the result will not take long, as confirmed by the estimates.

For making the recipe at home, you will need a few months. The recipe is very simple. Need to clean the apples, remove the core, cut into slices. Pour the boiling water in the ratio of 1:1, add in 1 liter of water, 100 g sugar, 10 g of yeast, a little rye crackers. Prepared infusion you need to put in a dark place 10 days, several times a day, stir with a wooden spoon. After 10 days, Apple fruit water, strain, pour into a glass container, add honey or sugar and put in a dark place for 2 months. Prior to use, resulting material, preferably again strain.

Homemade Apple cider vinegar recipe for many centuries transmitted from generation to generation, to preserve the maximum of useful substances contained in apples, it is free of chemical additives, which enhances its therapeutic effect when used in varicose veins.

Proven recommendations

treatment of varicose veins with vinegar

For the treatment of varicose veins and the lower extremity of the container in different ways. Well relieves the symptoms of these diseases the external application of Apple cider vinegar, the folk medicine recommends to add it to the grease, take a bath, a compress, with cold water and rubbing.

  • Cleaning cotton pad, your feet soaked in apple cider vinegar inflammation of the surface veins and arteries.
  • Compress: the adoption of the horizontal position, put on the leg gauze soaked in the solution and wrap the legs with foil. Lie down for one hour.
  • Also in the supine position, to wrap the feet with a soft towel soaked in Apple cider vinegar and leave to dry on your feet.
  • Rinse your legs with cold water with the addition of the Apple infusion.
  • Ointment swelling, which recipe – 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of turpentine and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Application: all the ingredients mix and apply on problem areas of the legs.

All treatments for varicose veins recommended in the morning and before bedtime, and then provide the rest of the leg. If the skin appears redness, rash or noticeable discomfort, it is better to treat once a day. The compress for the lower limbs it is better to do more frequently than three times per week.

For oral administration are available following a proven recipe preparation: dilute 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 Cup of water and drink every morning on an empty stomach. With the good response of the body Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins can be eaten inside twice a day. The effectiveness of Apple cider vinegar varicose veins at home is felt immediately. Improve the condition of the leg will be visible not earlier than in two weeks of regular use. The rate of application should last at least one month.

It should be noted that such treatment would be useless in later stages of the disease of the lower limbs: in this case helps only treatment or surgery.


In any type of processing should be considered thoughtfully. Apple cider vinegar is safe and secure with the point of view of its composition and effects on the body, but can be identified hypersensitivity or allergic reactions. In addition, when diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is forbidden to take it inside.

Before the start of the course, be sure to consult with your doctor. Before drinking the Apple solution (you must choose only a proven recipe!) or used locally to the legs, you can use a little of the substance on a small piece of skin to see how it will react to the organism to the drug. It should be noted that doctors do not oppose the fact that the treatment of varicose veins with Apple cider vinegar right prescription is possible, recognizing its effectiveness and inability to cause harm to the body and its benefits are obvious.

To sum up

Varicose veins of the lower extremities is a common and difficult-to-treat diseases. It is much easier to prevent these diseases than to get rid of, especially in the severe stages of the disease. To prevent disease, you should avoid excessive stress on the feet, wear comfortable shoes, exercise regularly, eat right, monitor the status of the arteries and veins on the legs, to prevent swelling.

Against the disease in the early stages helps to the traditional medicine, the perfect recipe for a health home, Apple cider vinegar, which is used from varicose veins, you need to make the regular dousing, baths, wraps, compresses, rubbing, and also taken internally in the absence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The use of this tool will significantly improve the veins and the veins in the lower extremities, swelling of the.

If the varicose changed to a more serious stage that treatment only with medical assistance, often only surgically. Watch your health, because it is easier to prevent diseases than cure!