Varicose veins: symptoms and treatment in men

Varicose veins in the legs – the problem is quite common. They are sick, regardless of age and gender. Most of the women experience this, however, it was found varicose veins in men too.

The disease is very dangerous and treacherous, due to the fact that at the beginning of the onset of symptoms is absent, and the pathological process is already running. Statistics show that every 4. men after the age of 40 suffer from this disease. But youth is not always insurance against disease, because it is sick, can varicose veins and teenagers.

varicose veins legs men

For men, the abnormality is always accompanied by a heavy flow. In this case, go to the doctor in a critical situation, as it is considered that this disease is characteristic only for women.

There are a number of reasons why varicose veins forms in men. These factors are very specific and are more common this floor:

  • the presence of sedentary or standing work, when the body is idle for a long time;
  • service in the army or in paramilitary authorities;
  • hard physical activity intensive sports classes;
  • active rest, accompanied by cold extremities.

As a result, the veins stretch and elongate. More men risk factors include use of alcohol in large quantities and Smoking. This applies to women, but is more common in the strong half of the population.

In the main the male factor include the ignoring treatment. Because of this, and the situation is even worse. In most cases, men come into hospital already with ulcers on the sick leg, and then the treatment is much more difficult.

The disease has its symptoms and treatment in men. Men rarely listens to their own health. There is not one symptom that should encourage the man to go see a doctor:

  1. The appearance of spider veins.
  2. Skin colour becomes uneven.
  3. Reduced sensitivity in the limbs.
  4. The presence of cramps in the calf area and thighs.
  5. Swelling in the shin and at the end of the day.
  6. Often stop the hair to grow in place of increased edema.
  7. Vein palpation are distinguishable.
  8. The veins are beginning to bulge.
  9. Occur bumps and seals.

The longer without treatment, the less intense will be the symptoms. If they do nothing, then there will be ulcers, wounds. They are very difficult to therapy and are often accompanied by infectious injury, including infection of the blood. In addition, thrombosis occurs, and can lead to serious consequences, including death.

Diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins in men

Many people wonder how to treat varicose veins on the legs in men and what are the preventive measures for the prevention of the development of the pathology in the presence of a genetically determined predisposition to the disease. It should be noted that the treatment of male varicose veins legs is no different from the treatment of female pathology.

To diagnose varicose veins will help the modern exploration in the form of Doppler ultrasound, duplex studies. With their help it is possible to determine the exact status of the vessels, thrombi, if any. Also assigned tests to find out possibilities of other diseases. Based on this, the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribed treatment.

There is a difference only in the time of circulation, because men often has no other choice than surgery. It should be noted that even after the surgery may develop in men of disease recurrence.

Treatment is always carried out in a comprehensive way. This is dedicated to:

  • elimination of the disturbing symptoms;
  • get rid of the probability of complications;
  • the elimination of cosmetic shades.
treatment of varicose veins

If treatment is required for the patient, the doctor prescribes methods, which is not taking medication. Condition recovery is in accordance with the comprehensive measures.

Worth remembering that to ignore one part of the treatment, as the therapy will not bring the desired results.

For non-medicamental methods of treatment include:

  1. Regular exercise. With the help of muscles, the blood will go faster, will serve as a pump. The lessons consist of regular walking, a set of special classes.
  2. Wearing compression hosiery. There is special underwear for improving the flow of venous blood through the pressure evenly throughout the limb. You need to pick up in size, this will help to make doctor. In most cases, depending on the situation, perhaps wearing 1. and 2. compression class. Wear underwear you need to immediately after awakening and remove before bedtime.
  3. Normalization of body weight. This can be achieved with exercise and diet.
  4. Deliverance from Smoking. This habit contributes to the stagnation in the lower extremities.
  5. Avoiding a long stay in an uncomfortable position.
  6. During the holidays you need to put your feet on the level above the heart, the blood quickly left.

Self-management is not necessary, and it plays a key role in the elimination of pathology they have.

Minimal invasive therapy

Minimally invasive methods include the functioning with little intervention. It is used in case of severe condition of the patient. These methods are very effective and have few adverse events. Are painless, as implemented in the framework of the measures for local anesthesia.

One of the most modern methods is endothermal ablation. Its essence is that of coagulation of the affected vein occlusion occurs the thermal radiation. In the vein injected a small catheter with the tool which emits radiation with a laser and radio frequency waves. They heat the blood vessels and coagulated. In incisions required for the surgery are small, the procedure is painless, but not always available in health facilities.

Laser ablation takes place similarly, but with a few differences. This can reduce the symptoms of the disease, provides a minimum of discomfort. Found in clinics more often radiofrequency ablation. The disadvantage is that after the treatment the patient may feel nausea and heaviness in the limbs. In addition, it may be bleeding on the legs.

If the patient does not fit the previous methods, it is recommended that sclerotherapy. The method lies in the fact that in the affected vessels introduced special substances, gluing the vein, so it is removed. There is a modified technique where instead of traditional fluid in the vein is injected foam. This allows you to give therapy and large blood vessels.

According to this method, the symptoms may disappear and the affected veins in the legs disappear for some time. But there is a possibility of recurrent disease, the skin may change color. In some circumstances the technique can result in blood clots, headache, irritation around the affected vessels. This can also be caused by fainting. You may need several sessions for complete disappearance of the disease.

In very rare cases after the surgery, you can develop a stroke.

The prevention of varicose veins in men

If a man in the body there are innate genetic predisposition to this pathology in the system of the venous circulation such as varicose veins, or are in employment, which by its specific effect contributes to the appearance in the body of varicose veins of the lower extremities or chronic venous insufficiency, it is necessary to pay special attention to the prevention of the disease, as it is better to prevent than to deal with it.

First and foremost you need to withdraw from alcohol, since they affect the functional status of the liver, thereby increasing the blood plasma level of lipoproteins of low and very low density. These components, which form deposits on the walls of blood vessels, the heart and the circulatory system, trigger the mechanism of thrombosis. Activation mechanisms of thrombosis in the presence of a genetically determined predisposition to the development of varicose veins of the lower extremities in conjunction with negative external factors that lead to the formation and progression of in the male body varicose veins on the legs. Also, you should review the diet. Necessary to exclude fat, salty, smoked, canned, acute. Meat should be eaten only low-fat varieties, if you want to increase the amount of seafood, vegetables and fruits in the daily diet. More should consume dairy products with low percentage of fat.

the prevention of varicose veins

Specific prevention of varicose veins in the legs, the refusal of animals, because many have tried and proved the effectiveness of this varicose veins. You must also pay attention to their daily clothing. It is important that clothing and footwear was the most comfortable, not the tip. It is advisable to wear shoes and clothes made from natural materials. The first step is to ensure that veins will start to grow – the wearing of uncomfortable footwear. If the feet are allowed the use of ointments and gels for the relief of disease, as well as in folk medicine, there are a lot of recipes that used Apple cider vinegar. In any case, if you already have disease, you need to go to the doctor and then the treatment will not last for a long time and effort.