How to treat varicose veins is an effective means

How to treat varicose veins (varicose veins) with the use of modern methods of traditional medicine, naturopathic remedies, special simple exercises — the topic of this article.

Varicose veins sneaks up on you, and at first, even asymptomatic. Later, your feet start to hurt and swell, fatigue, and the veins eventually begin to come through. But the disease is neglected often lead to very serious disturbances in the body and loss of health.

Do not dwell on the causes and course of the disease. Go straight to the question of getting rid of it.

Treatment of varicose veins

varicose veins on the legs

Varicose veins are a very common and usually a women's disease. The birth of the child, carrying excessive weight leads to weakening of the valvular system of deep veins. The result starts increased blood flow in the superficial veins, swelling from this through the skin. Blood vessels have different thickness, because the expansion of the uneven.

Modern methods of treatment

Think about this, how to treat varicose veins for conventional medicine.

The newest method appeared in Russia quite recently, this is the laser therapy. What was so good and popular? Of course, its great advantage is that this method does not require surgery. Closes the gaps in the veins and has an excellent cosmetic effect. The patient can easily do without the long-term rehabilitation. Today clinics use this method of treatment is quite broad.

Phlebectomy is a method for surgical intervention, which is required in many stages of the disease. Reception the reception and is given an anaesthetic, a few days spent on the rehabilitation. After the patient is discharged. This method is very popular and very effective.

Minimally invasive technique without hospitalization and is often performed directly in the doctor's office. Long rehabilitation that he needs, in addition to compliance with certain requirements.

Hirudotherapy is based on the popular method of treatment with leeches. In their saliva contains special substances that, when you bite into the blood of man, which have anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating the whole body, effect. It is these substances that affect the dilution of the blood, which leads to a normal market. However, this method is the large number of constraints, and use a treatment, not everyone can.

Compression therapy involves the constant wearing of special underwear. The advantages of this method are large, but mostly only in the early stages and prevention. This procedure by the doctor, and only he can control the compression rate.

Surgical removal or "bonding" of the blood vessels creates short-term effect, since it eliminates the effects of the disease and not the cause.

However, the folk medicine and its natural remedies, quite often eliminate the disease completely.

Treatment of folk remedies

How to treat varicose veins with natural remedies and what. Let's look at the recipes.

In the morning on an empty stomach, eat two baked apples half an hour before Breakfast. Veins treatment with baths: a handful of oak and willow bark pour 2 liters of water, simmer for quarter of an hour, hour insist. After the drain in the tub, add warm water to the desired volume, wait about 15 minutes.

When varicose veins RUB undiluted Apple cider vinegar. This drink in addition to drink vinegar, thinned with water 1:20. If the body does not take vinegar, replace it with Apple juice.

There is a simple way: bandages with fresh ripe tomatoes. By the slice or crush to a pulp. Compresses put on the night, but change every four hours. At the same time to drink an infusion of Antonovka. Washed three Apple put in an enamel bowl, pour a liter of boiling water, cover, wrap up warm. After four hours the fruit mash in the water, strain. Drink 50 ml of the medicine with a spoon of honey on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime.

How to treat varicose veins salt lining. Make a 10% salt solution: 100 ml of warm water, dissolve a full teaspoon of salt. Take natural thick cloth or old towel, moisten in the solution and squeeze. Wrap them a leg up, and more without the plastic foil, with the result that a completely dry cloth. Leave the dressing to dry for a few hours. It is better to spend time lying down. These wraps help to quickly relieve the pain and swelling.

Infusions and tinctures

Vein treatment: chop 10 fruits of the horse chestnut, pour the powder in half a litre of vodka, it takes 20 days for the infusion, we must not forget to shake from time to time. Tincture lubricate the legs, in the morning and in the evening you can use for the house at 25 drops in 100 g of water a day.

Together the needles of the larch up to the top is an enamel bowl, pour boiling water to half inch above the level of the coniferous, cover, wrap up warm, leave it for one hour. The next hour cook in a water bath, cool to lukewarm. Apply to spots, pain in the night, covering the top with plastic and something to hold the heat.

Of varicose vein a medicinal tincture Kalanchoe, is a very effective folk remedy. Fill in the incised leaves of a half-liter bottle to half, pour vodka, take a week in the dark, don't forget to periodically shake the can. Strain. RUB it into the affected foot before sleeping from the bottom up. The pain quickly fades, however, to eliminate the network of small blood vessels and stagnation of blood treatment that will last 4 months.

treatment of varicose veins

Gather the flowers of acacia, pour the vodka on 125 g of flowers in 250 ml. Do the three-day infusion, then strain. RUB them sore feet. The tincture will have to cook twice or three times per treatment, and freedom from the diseases that will come necessarily.

For the prevention of varicose veins is shown an active lifestyle, a proper and balanced diet and refusal of bad habits. Try to keep your legs, do exercises and move more, and if you don't know about this disease, such as varicose veins.


All of the exercises, beginning always with a small number of reps and without much effort, so as not to overload the muscles.

Exercise 1

Lies, with legs extended in the relaxed state, begins to bend the foot against the head and pull the toes. The frequency of the repetitions, and rest times per second.

Exercise 2

A well known implementation of the "Scissors". Lie on your back, slightly elevate the legs and begins to make a cross-motion.

Exercise 3

On the Internet you can easily find a lot of leg exercises, select the appropriate for you.

Exercise techniques from China

A very effective exercise from the congestion and varicose veins. Lie back, raise the upper limit of the arms and legs and starts to shake for a few minutes. Relief will feel immediately.

Workout Professor

Be on the side of the door, while keeping the hands on both sides. Stand with your feet up against the door jamb. Stretch your arms, the body almost hanging on them. Start shallow cm to 15-20 squat by bending the knees. I say again, just work in the knees!

So the squat, until mild fatigue is perhaps 10-fold. And only if your muscles get used to and will be held the number of sit-UPS easily, only then is 10 days, increase the number of repetitions and the depth of the squats. In the final phase of the implementation of sit-UPS, you need to after 2 months, gradually increasing to 100 times.

For the treatment of a disease, which requires daily Walking. On the walk or in the country where you can go, not to thick trees, that you take it and health to do exercise to squats.