Exercise with varicose veins of the lower extremities

To mitigate the effects and symptoms of, varicose blood vessels and to restore blood flow and strengthening blood vessels today is a special complex of gymnastic exercises.

This complex is a set of exercises, moderate physical activity, which is aimed at reducing the pain in the lower extremities.

Gymnastic exercises are aimed at increasing the elasticity of the muscle tissue. Bubnovsky exercise with varicose veins on the legs is very simple, it is possible to conduct classes independently.

Before you start doing exercises, remember that is the key to the effectiveness of the exercise– proper breathing for each exercise is 10 reps.

Basic gymnastic exercises discussed below.

Exercise 1

exercise with varicose veins

For the implementation of the exercise you will need a chair. The patient sits on a chair, legs bent at the knees, feet placed on the floor, to form a flat angle. The patient takes a relaxed breath and exhale. During exhalation, off the heel from the ground, and the body leans forward.

Exercise 2

The initial position remains the same (sitting on chair). The patient, which is based on the socks performs a rotation of the foot inwards and outwards. The breath should remain smooth, measured and calm.

Exercise 3

Starting position – sitting position, with her back closely pressed to the back of a chair or the wall. Smooth legs at the knee are flexion and extension of the foot.

Exercise 4

Not to change the original position after the 3 exercises are performed alternating flexion and extension of the leg at the knee. Socks must be pulled on itself.

Exercise 5

The source position is the same. You need to bend your knees, feet lift off the ground. Foot reduce and breeds, the knees should be brought together.

Exercise 6

Starting position as in exercise 1. The patient sits on the edge of the chair with straight leg raises on the other chair, the other foot is on the ground. Deep breathes, in which the whole body of the maximum pressing against the straight leg, followed by a slow exhale.

Gymnastics Bubnovsky with varicose veins has a number of positive reviews of experts and patients.

Varicose veins – diseases caused by the increase of the superficial veins, associated with a malfunction of valves and a nozzle. Varicose veins pronounced: the changes in the form of veins, the lowest elasticity and increase in size.

Varicose veins are usually people who have weakened vein walls and the lack of venous valves.

Varicose veins (varicose veins) is a disease of the blood vessels, which is characterized by increased venous with subsequent nodule formation and blood clots.

In the human body, the bloodstream passing through the arteries and veins. Arteries carry blood, rich with oxygen from the heart (head) that all of our organs and tissues, and veins carry blood filled with carbon dioxide back to the heart (bottom-up) re-saturate with oxygen.

Veins have special valves that prevent the reflux of blood. That flow through the veins is possible only in one direction – upwards.

In practice it looks so: when the heart contracts, the blood goes through the veins and in the specific field, are determined so that the valve, which has at this level until the next heart contraction.

Then again, the push – valve opens and blood is pushed to the next level and so on up to the top. So is the process of blood circulation in a healthy person, but a person with varicose veins, things are not so smooth.

With varicose veins the veins to swell, and the valves cease to operate. Lose the ability to normally closed, which leads to disruption of the normal outflow of blood from the bottom up.

When blood circulation slows, and the blood, instead of flowing upwards, begins to descend on Vienna, this leads to increased pressure in the veins and their subsequent spread. Such a serious disturbance in blood circulation soon, cause the formation of blue stars, knots, and even blood clots.

So, with theory, that we briefly met before the start of proceedings for the answer to the question of whether it is possible for varicose veins to do fitness, I want to highlight the main reasons for the development of this disease.

Causes and symptoms of varicose veins

Varicose veins dilate and elongate the lower limb vessels, which carry blood to the heart. The venous walls become thinner, from which later emerged the nodes.

Contribute to the development of varicose veins, the following factors:

  1. Excessive body mass.
  2. Wrong and sedentary in life.
  3. Genetic predisposition.
  4. Diseases of the nervous system and stress.
  5. Sport strain.
  6. Wearing uncomfortable footwear.
  7. Arterial-venous space.
  8. The hormonal therapy.

These causes increase pressure in the veins, which interfere with the normal functioning of the venous valves. As a result of excessive pressure on the veins, the interference in the reverse flow of blood in the lower limbs. The veins fill and expand.

Symptoms associated with stages of the disease. In phase I and II experience the following symptoms:

  • Venous samples on the legs.
  • Heaviness and bloating.
  • Cramps.
  • Pain in the legs.
  • Swelling of the lower extremities.

The main indications for III and IV degree varices:

  • The appearance of spider veins.
  • Swelling.
  • Dryness of the skin.
  • The emergence of brown spots.

The patient may complain of hot throbbing pain, itching, aching legs. Later you can develop skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, etc ..

If there are some of these symptoms, you should consult with your doctor. Delayed appeal to the specialist can cause inflammation and clogging of blood vessels.

The development of diseases of the blood vessels in the legs capillaries, arteries and veins occur due to various reasons. The main reasons is the special characteristic of the vessels is their ability to, from the heart have to push blood up from the legs to the heart.

treatment of varicose veins

The causes for the disease can be associated with vascular deformations, blockage, over-extension, loss of elasticity of the walls, and inflammatory processes in the walls, etc., That this pathological change develops and the type of vascular injury:

  • Enlarged veins in the varicose veins.
  • Spider veins on the skin surface – damage to the small capillaries.
  • Narrowing of the lumen of the arteries.
  • Aneurysm.

Changes in the vascular system of the lower extremities have similar symptoms. Changing its shape and functional properties, which in the end ends its function, as well as the development of serious diseases of the lower extremities, tissue which does not receive the full amount of oxygen and nutrition.

Contribute to the development of pathological changes in the high static and dynamic loads associated with professional sports, or activities. A negative impact on the blood vessels, it works excessive alcohol, Smoking, and poor diet with lots of animal fat.

In the development of vascular disease has an important role of genetic predisposition, lack of physical mobility and disease against which there is a defect of the blood vessels.

Varicose veins predominantly affects the vessels of the lower extremities. Varicose veins is an extension, elongation and the formation of knots in the veins, which causes wear of the valve. So, the most common symptoms blueness of the skin at the site of the inflammatory process, the bulging of the blood vessels, the formation of tubercles above the surface.

The load on the legs, especially in the standing position, big. Containers can not cope with its function of pumping blood to the heart, the valves weaken and allow the return of blood (reflux), which causes congestion. Therefore, inflammation, thinning, deformity, and degenerative changes in the walls of blood vessels.

Type of exercise

There are different types of classes when you need physical therapy for varicose veins. Here are some of the basics.

  1. Exercises for the load of the lower extremities. Can be performed sitting, lying down and standing up. This is especially important to do thoroughly, perform certain pressure on the hip, the ankle joint.
  2. Resistance. Also a very good option. Exercises performed with elastic bands, elastic bandages.
  3. A very useful exercise – walking at a fast pace. It has a stimulating effect on the veins, accelerates blood flow and promotes regeneration and prevents stagnation.

If you need to do the physical therapy to achieve maximum results and to avoid side effects, consult a specialist for advice.

  1. Congenital varicose veins, you can define yourself, if your grandmother, mother, is also eat or ask them whether they would be the treatment and removal of varicose veins in the past. You have to understand that there is a high probability that you have had, or will have varicose veins and will quickly start a therapeutic set of exercises for varicose veins of the lower extremities. You have to do, gymnastics, exercises, and be sure to cure the problem, to avoid these terrible diseases, such as thrombosis.
  2. "Varicose veins is seen in people who endure physical load, not heavy duty work, or are virtually not moving. For example, teachers, drivers, waiters. An effective way to treat varicose veins – this is a special gymnastics, nutrition, physical therapy and exercise.

Explain to the veins of the lower extremities better than the lying position. Breathing must be smooth, do not strain the eyes must be closed. The leg must be above your head, place them under the pillow. Now you can start the complex against varicose veins:

  1. The exercise is called "the Wheel". He was lying, that the movement pressing the pedal from the bike. In this process, the outflow of blood extremities.
  2. Take the starting position. On the exhale, bend one leg and pull it as close as possible to the chest to the knees. On the exhale send it without flexing. Similarly, it is necessary to do exercises for the other leg.
  3. Place the hands on the hips, at the same time lift the lower limbs up. Then follow alternately rotate outwards with both feet, then it is necessary to do also inside.
  4. The foot settled, and then back to the bend.
  5. Lift the legs and move them, as for the head, back, hold hands. The elbows in this position should lean continually on the floor. Then you need to straighten the legs and pull the socks a good for himself. After half a minute you can slowly lower the leg. Exercise with varicose veins of the lower extremities"birch" reduces the pressure inside the blood vessels and explain them.

After exercise, relax. Lie on a hard, flat surface. That deep slow breathing in through the nose and exhaling sharply through the mouth.

For the preparation of these types of pre-exercise warm up your leg muscles. This will allow during the execution of a complex against varicose veins not to feel uncomfortable. After 5 minutes of heating you can begin to physical exercise.

  • Legs apart shoulder-width apart, rise on the toes of the feet and immediately descend on the entire foot.
  • Must become a thick book. Feet, to join in and roll the sock with the heel when you run and make sure the back was straight. Repeat the exercise at least 20-fold.
  • Lift the leg straight with a strained myself socks up. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • When you exhale, you must stop lower limbs in different directions. On inspiration they need to cross. Exercise contributes to normal blood flow with varicose veins, strengthens the muscles inside the thighs.
  • Connect the foot and keep your hands on the seams. Pull the shoulders back and inhale. When you exhale relax the shoulders and drop the head down.
  • To perform the walking at the site, and it is impossible to break away from the ground socks.

It is also recommended that you walk on your heel for 10-15 paces. The complex can be repeated once again, take small breaks to rest. A positive effect on the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities exercise in the form of a headstand, the hands.

For those people who have excess body weight, which is suitable for a more gentle workout. It is best to perform them from a seated position on the surface:

  1. Take a stand, which is sitting on a chair, which brings together both legs, then lower them alternately on the heels and toes. Such manipulation for the provision of not less than 15-fold.
  2. Alternately perform the lifting of the feet, ankles turning in the foot on both sides, drawing small circles. This exercise is repeated at least 20 times.
  3. Continue to sit. Lift the right leg and perform a right rotation of the foot up to 15 spins, then repeat movement in the opposite direction. Exactly the same effect, follow with the left leg.
  4. Continue to sit. Bend and then stretch on the leg. Hold them in suspense until enough power. After relax.
  5. To achieve the 20-times the rotational motion of the legs as they spin the wheel.
  6. Sit down on the chair with your hands grab the back of the seat, raise the correct lower limb, which is parallel to the floor. The process takes up to one minute. Then slowly return the leg to its original position. For the implementation of the 10-fold.
exercises varicose veins

Complex of physical exercises for varicose veins on the legs, mentioned in the article, it is completely safe for health and is pretty simple. Such exercises do not load the muscles and suitable for the elderly. However, it is impossible to carry them out, patients with the disease in the chronic stage.

The main thing in this issue is the oxygenation of the whole organism, which is able to normalize the blood flow and prevent thrombosis vascular. For walks suitable forest areas, parks with a maximum greening. It also has a positive effect on the health of the patient you are doing aerobics in the water. What exercises are the most suitable for the treatment of varicose veins, it helps to know the coach.