Varicose veins on the legs during pregnancy

Varicose veins during pregnancy is a common condition, which, according to the latest statistics, they suffer from a third of a woman during pregnancy. Varicose veins during pregnancy are not only unpleasant external manifestations, but, above all, as a result of the incidents. Special attention to the appearance of varicose veins must be given to women with a predisposition to the disease.

Causes of varicose veins in pregnancy

varicose veins in pregnancy

Usually, varicose veins in pregnancy will begin to manifest itself after the third month of pregnancy, due to the following reasons:

  • the body begins a hormonal change, which leads to the weakening of the vein walls;
  • the feet and the genitals presses the womb and the fetus, which slows down the circulation of the blood;
  • a woman will gain weight.

The impact of the varicose veins during pregnancy, and the performance of the functions of the female body.

The main symptoms of varicose veins during pregnancy

Varicose veins in pregnancy starts from the fact that the lower extremities of the blood is delayed. When the disease of the vein is compressed, and lose their ability to provide the required flow of blood thereby causing the blood stagnates in the vessels, and dilates them.

In the initial stages of varicose veins on the legs during pregnancy, it is virtually free of the symptoms: the outward, visible as slight deformation of the venous blood vessels. But in the evening, my feet are starting to swell, because of what the woman feels tired, also can experience the feeling of weight in the legs.

Further, the development of the disease, patients begin torturing cramps of the calf muscles, severe joint pain, itching is also worse in the night. In the severe stages of venous vessels is visibly deforms, expands, and protrudes above the skin.

It should be noted, that to severe varicose veins in pregnancy, with a visible deformation of the veins can be virtually painless, while the minor symptoms are often combined with severe pain. In such cases, we are talking about the inside of varicose veins.

Often, women complain of varicose veins in pregnancy in groin, which is characterized by symptoms, such as abdominal pain, deformity of the labia, discomfort during sexual intercourse, etc., of The varicose veins of the pelvic organs during pregnancy, we will have more to say later.

Varicose veins in pregnancy on the feet as it is dangerous

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

Varicose veins accompanied by a thinning of the vein wall and the formation of the seals from the blood vessels. While the leg is covered with a sticking out, that they are referred to as "spider veins," and "fire".

"To the stars" is a relatively small, not protruding above the skin, the blood vessels look like a spider web, purple, or blue in color. "Fire" is called by the expanded trunk of the veins bulging against the skin. It to Vienna, it looks like the swollen, and acquires a blue-green tint.

In addition to the cosmetic defects, the disease may be accompanied by serious complications. Seen as a dangerous varicose veins during pregnancy, and the first thing I have to mention the risk of blood clots, ulcers and bleeding, which pose a threat to your life.

Pay special attention to the prevention and treatment of varicose veins in advance of need. Pregnant women are advised to wear a compression garment to use the creams and gels to strengthen the vein walls to restore circulation, and reduce inflammation.

Varicose veins labia during pregnancy is a common problem

Almost every second a woman complains of genital varices in pregnancy, which is considered one of the most common problems during pregnancy. Even small varicose veins labia during pregnancy cause discomfort, enlargement and pathological deformation of the blood vessels in the genital area. Labia deformed, the affected area can change color and be covered with nodules and veins of "the star". In this case, the skin becomes irritated and dry, and therefore is the discomfort during the sexual intercourse.

Varicose veins in pregnancy in an intimate space often scares people, but if you react in time and start treatment in the early stages, and then having a baby will not have any further problems and complications. If a pregnant woman discover they have the above symptoms, it is necessary as soon as possible to inform the gynecologist.

varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins of the perineum and of the pelvis during pregnancy, it can be dangerous to the risk of tissue damage and excessive bleeding during labor. When the disease is a severe stage, rather than a natural birth, a C-section.

The prevention and treatment of varicose veins in the labia does not usually require a lot of effort. Women are advised to go for more, take a walk, go swimming, eat right, and to the use of venotonic drugs.

In the prevailing majority of women, such as varicose veins after pregnancy does not go away, but the mere existence of a problem, and it is suggested that women who are prone to this disease, and it needs to be taken to ensure that the regular preventative maintenance.

Varicose veins of the uterus during pregnancy: the most dangerous form of the disease

Varicose veins of the uterus, it is one of the most serious types of penile varicose veins, in which the walls of the uterine blood vessels become thinner, the vessels become deformed, lengthened and disrupted the normal flow of blood. In most cases, the first symptoms appear already in the second quarter and continued to increase.

The disease can rapidly progress, and the accompanying complications. Seen as a dangerous varicose veins of the uterus during pregnancy, it is the first thing that you need to on the list of the complications, such as failure of the placenta, and a variety of abnormalities of the fetus, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis of the veins of the testicles, and even miscarriages. Of the disease, with the complications of becoming a sign for caesarean-section.

It is recommended that you know what to do, in that it reveals varicose veins in pregnancy at an early stage. For the diagnosis of the disease is difficult, because in the first stage, it develops unnoticed: one of the main symptom of is considered to a severe, and severe pain in the abdomen. As a particular manifestations of the disease are difficult to identify without special equipment, help diagnose problems with the hardware, in this study. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the woman should be under constant medical supervision.

It should be noted that the varicose veins in the uterus, occurs more often in those pregnant women who lead a sedentary way of life, carry out heavy physical work, to being forced to sit or stand at work. Also, the likelihood of the disease increases the transferred gynecologic diseases (eg, endometriosis), disorders of the menstrual cycle, elevated estrogen levels, use of hormonal contraceptives, heredity.

The disease may be accompanied by varicose veins of the vagina and of the pelvic organs during pregnancy.

The treatment of varicose veins of the uterus out of the surgical and therapeutic methods. Choose a method that is based on the individual characteristics of each patient.

In the therapeutic methods of the treatment of patients who have a specific medication of varicose veins in pregnancy, which contribute to the regulation of the tone of the uterine veins and uterine, improves trophic processes. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antiplatelet agents, and vitamin complexes to support the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels.

The women also prescribe therapeutic exercise, use of compression, lingerie, and latex pillows.

Surgical treatment of varicose veins in pregnancy, it is recommended that, in the later stages of the disease with severe pain, and request the indication for the surgery.

The prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy

All of the measures for the prevention of varicose veins of the lower extremities will be reduced to two main areas – improving the blood circulation and reduce the load on the legs. It is necessary, and for patients with pronounced symptoms of the disease, and women who do not see any signs of the disease. Each of the future mother, starting with the second trimester, you'll need to use a special bandage. It supports the uterus and helps reduce the compression of the veins of the pelvis and the legs.

The doctor adds it to one of the main tools to prevent the compression panty hose and tights socks and stockings of varicose veins during pregnancy. They compress the extended veins on the legs, improve blood circulation, restore the skin's nutrition. Thank you for the compression-reducing the risk of formation of blood clots. Wear these socks as a general rule, during the whole of pregnancy and during the first two months after birth.

Competently to pick up the product against varicose veins and will help your doctor. He's going to pick up the necessary compression of the patient, and to know in what kind of situation, to the proper wear of stockings.

In order to avoid suffering from varicose veins, you need to choose loose fitting garments that compress the body and does not interfere with the circulation in your legs. Perfect boots with a small heel of 3 5 cm

Greatly improve the circulation in your legs helping to to workout, be very helpful of Hiking. A woman needs to have to regularly explain to his feet, to give them a rest. During the day, several times down, so that the foot is in the raised position, which provides for the outflow of lymph and blood.

the treatment of varicose veins in pregnant women

In addition to this, the women are a day you need to perform simple exercises for the legs: imitation of cranking the pedals to the back Wheel, the roll-over of the toe to the heel, back and forth, the lifting of the fingers in the circular motion of the feet. Doing the exercise the legs can be sitting or lying down: it is not necessary that they have had a lot of trouble.

Pregnant women need to think carefully about the food.

It is not recommended to cross your legs and put your legs when you sit. You should also not stand for a long period of time. If this cannot be avoided, it is necessary from time to time, rise on your toes. This recommendation should be implemented by all women, regardless of their tendency to suffer from varicose veins. Also very useful in varicose veins during pregnancy a visit to the pool at least 2 times a week.

Pregnant women should watch their weight because excessive pounds can have a negative impact on the condition of the blood vessels. Pay attention to your diet, consume more fiber and abandon canned food, all fried, smoked and fatty, as these meals lead to thickening of the blood, and cause problems with the formation of the blood.

On the basis of the diet of the woman who was showing signs of varicose veins during pregnancy should consist of vegetables, lean meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs. It improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of clot formation, and blood clots will assist the introduction in the diet of some of the products.

  • of a lemon;
  • of tomato juice;
  • seafood;
  • grapes;
  • garlic;
  • cranberry;
  • the sea buckthorn berry.

Along with a special vitamin in the early stages of the disease the help of special gels, creams and ointments for the feet. It is better to give preference to medicines with the natural ingredients in the composition, which normalize the blood circulation and it is safe for pregnant women.

The treatment of varicose veins in pregnancy

The treatment of varicose veins in the legs have to be under the supervision of a medical specialist. In the majority of cases, the doctors of the limitations of treatment by conservative methods, which make it possible to improve the flow of the venous blood. The treatment of the application of all the measures that we have identified in the previous sections: the compression of the sock, venotonic drugs, therapeutic exercises and local or internal medication, which are supposed to be safe for the developing fetus.

The means of varicose veins in pregnancy

In the early stages of the disease the treatment is commonly carried out by the local medicine, which is a simple and easy-to-use. These ointments and creams are divided into several categories:

  • the compositions contain heparin (an effective in the treatment of trophic disorders);
  • the ointment of herbal origin, with a clean of the active ingredients – plant extracts, or synthesized materials, which is a copy of the of the natural;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

There are also corticosteroid hormones, which have a strong therapeutic effect, but there are a number of side-effects and contra-indications.

Cream for varicose veins in pregnancy allows for a reduction of the severity of the symptoms: to alleviate swelling of the varicose veins, reduces pain, and the weight of the legs.

In the first 6 months of the child, it is recommended that the medication anticoagulants. Can improve the blood circulation and thinning the blood and preventing the formation of blockages and blood clots. However, in the third quarter of these funds are, in general, is cancelled.

To be healthy and take care of yourself! Don't forget that it is better to prevent disease than to treat it. If you notice the first symptoms, immediately consult a physician.