Varicose veins in women, the following risk factors and the symptoms of the

An abnormal enlargement of the blood vessels is not just an aesthetic defect. A violation of this kind is evidence of serious deficiencies in the body, and its neglect is fraught with dangerous consequences. Varicose veins causes symptoms in women, timely diagnosis enables you to cope with the disease for a short period of time. The disease can be kept in different parts of the body, but often affects the blood vessels of the legs and the pelvis, which is a consequence of the relevant reasons.

What are varicose veins?

varicose veins in women

For a better understanding of this disease, you need to be aware of how your blood circulation in your body. The internal organs are fed by arterial blood, and comes back through the veins.

However, under the influence of adverse factors, this process can be violated, which leads to a deterioration of, the expansion and swelling of the veins, painful, discomfort, and other symptoms. In medicine, these changes are also known to suffer from varicose veins.

Due to the excessive pressure from the phenomena:

  • the deformation of the blood vessels are extended and expanded, losing the tone);
  • scarring of venous valves, and subsequent loss of performance;
  • the poor nutrition of the tissues and organs.

Disease begins almost imperceptible, but its beginning can be determined by the emerging vasculature. Thus, they will be able to notice, for example, varices in the stomach.

The disease has many varieties, and are often confused with symptoms of other diseases. In particular, it is difficult for the diagnosis of varicose veins of the internal organs in women.

Causes of varicose veins

The disease has a special character, as this will lead to a variety of reasons. The disease is more commonly found in women; therefore, it is necessary to enumerate the main causes of varicose veins.

The look of it, for the following reasons:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • the period of the implementation of the child and the birth of the child;
  • disruption of the hormonal system;and
  • excessive physical activity;
  • low levels of physical activity;
  • the administration of hormonal contraceptives;
  • diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • injuries of the lower extremities;
  • obesity;
  • an excessive fascination with the sun, and the frequent visits to the sauna;
  • disorders of the digestive tract;
  • the consumption of unhealthy food in large quantities;
  • the wearing of incompatible shoes.
  • the long walk in the heels;
  • fixed a stressful experience.
  • in the age of change.

Often a venous stagnation, which is caused due to the habit of sitting with your foot on the foot. Also, the risk of suffering from varicose veins in women is increased if you constantly wear tight clothes a lot.

An interesting observation: the creation of pathology associated with the growth of the person. Up of people who have varicose veins often develop.

In the presence of a congenital weakness of the venous wall deflection of the changes in the vessels appear not to do so.

The defeat of the veins of the lower extremities

The formation of dilated and swollen blood vessels in your feet means a significant improvement of varicose veins.

The beginning of the disease, which is accompanied by symptoms such as the following:

  • the vessel pattern;
  • fatigue;
  • the pain, sense of weight, and a burning sensation;
  • night cramps in the calf muscles;
  • swelling of the ankles or legs.

These symptoms are commonly practiced in the evening hours, as well as a long standing, especially in the heat.

In the future, the clinical picture complemented by the spread of edema in the lower legs, hyperpigmentation of the skin. If the process is running, and the condition was complicated by trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis.

Thus, it is possible to improve health and slow down the further development of the pathology. Medications are also prescribed to you if there are any contra-indications to surgical manipulation.

In addition, we suggest compression therapy to support the health of blood vessels. The therapeutic knitwear, it is especially important for women in the position of those who have had surgery on my feet.

If there is significant damage to the blood vessels, to restore its functions, through the use of the traditional methods will not be effective. The modern surgical methods for the treatment of varicose veins have a low rate of complications. Many of the patients were discharged home the day of surgery.

Varicose the symptoms of the upper extremities

The main causes of varicose veins in the hands of the women and men can be a hormonal imbalance, severe stress on the muscular apparatus of the shoulder girdle, and the hereditary factor.

The disease can be recognized by:

  • tortuous veins that are visible to the naked eye;
  • - unpleasant sensations;
  • swelling;
  • dryness of the skin.

A delay in treatment, progression of the pathology is not excluded, the loss of health.

The pressure, the varicose veins on the hands, it is very important to minimize the influence of the factors, which cause pathological changes. It refers to a physical stress, hormonal flows, a disruption of the heart and the circulatory system.

varicose veins of the groin

The start of the symptoms can be reduced and eventually removed with the help of your favourite recipes. It is also helpful to wear a compression sleeve, which you want to choose the right one. To combat varicose the doctor to prescribe the appropriate medication for both indoor and outdoor use.

With the use of the drug in the early stages of the phenomena:

  • the increased flow of blood;
  • the normalization of vascular tone;
  • the elimination of painful sensations, convulsive phenomena, and edema;
  • the reduction of the inflammation.

The drug can inhibit the progression of the disease, however, the bigger vessels will require the involvement of surgeons.

A lot of the positive reviews, it gets leech therapy, because leech saliva contains a utility for the human body to the substance. Thus, it is possible to reduce the sore, discomfort and improved blood circulation.

Of varicose changes in veins of the pelvis

Gynecologists often examine patients with pain in the lower part of the abdomen, which is called varicose veins of small pelvis in women. Due to the nespecificnomu features, and the polymorphism of the disease, in many cases, the diagnosis is wrong, which leads to adverse consequences.

The problem with a precise definition of the disease, because it often disguises itself as an inflammatory process. Therefore, for the treatment of selected anti-inflammatory agent, the use of which is inefficient.

Varicose veins of small pelvis occurs mostly in the child-bearing age, and varicose veins of the ovaries found in women, in 80% of cases, and the defeat of the arteries of the uterus diagnosed only in 1% of patients.

The main symptom of varicose veins of the pelvis, towards which it is pretty much the worse health of women, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, which is characterized by:

  • the nature of the;
  • the intensity of the;
  • at it.

Half of the patients complain of increased pain to one of the following:

  • the physical activity;
  • 2, the phases of the menstrual cycle;
  • the sexual contact;
  • the long-term static situation.

The area of the vulva and the perineum are characterized by high sensitivity, and the sensitivity of the. May be a violation of the urinary tract, the process. The negative of the change in the body that have an effect on the mental state of the.

If you suffer from varicose veins of small pelvis is common in pregnant women, doctors say, the disease, the treatment is only symptomatic therapy. The treatment of varicose veins in the last trimester does not exclude the use of surgery. At high risk for blood loss during delivery may be a surgical operation.

Damage to the blood vessels of the hemorrhoidal ring

As the disease starts, almost imperceptibly, she gradually progresses, causing severe pain in the affected area. The pathology development is accompanied by the deformation of the veins inside the rectum or around the anus (internal/external hemorrhoids).

In the list of the main precipitating factors:

  • long-term problems of stool (constipation, prolonged diarrhea);
  • pregnancy;
  • the difficult birth.

In these countries, it is characterised by an increased tension of the muscles of the perineum, and the increased pressure in the hemorrhoidal node.

The risk of a breach, which shall be increased by the following:

  • a sedentary life-style;
  • often, eating spicy food;
  • a strong physical exertion;
  • the hereditary predisposition.

Acute of hemorrhoids is accompanied by:

  • bleeding from the anus during a bowel movement, or after it;
  • itchy sensation;
  • swelling of the anus;
  • severe pain;
  • the prolapse, or the protrusion of the external hemorrhoids;
  • inflammation of the joint;
  • the increase in temperature (local/General).

The pain can be so intense that a woman loses her ability to live a normal life.

A severe form of the disease may be complicated by a purulent inflammation of the tissues of the perineum, or thrombosis. A node can be matched to the wounds. There is the likelihood of sepsis.

With moderate symptoms, and provides a conservative treatment, supplemented by diet and exercise therapy. If it is a disease that is running, is assigned to the operation with minimally invasive techniques. In extreme cases, it is done by surgical removal of the existing nodes.

The extension of the vessels of the inguinal

the treatment of varicose veins

The power of the daily load may be unfavorable changes in the vascular system of the lower extremities and the pelvis.

A varicose veins women develop as a result of:

  • genetics is a factor;
  • bad habits;
  • a prolonged stay in one place.
  • obesity;
  • course of pregnancy.

Women who carry a child is suffering from a groin strain, vein occlusion for the following reasons:

  • the changes of the hormonal background (for a vessel that is not under the influence of progesterone, which is produced in large quantities);
  • a congenital weakness of the walls of the container;
  • the increase in the uterus;
  • of the excess weight.
  • to increase the viscosity of the blood, which prevents an accidental loss of blood, however, increases the risk of thrombosis.

This varicose veins is accompanied by a number of characteristics:

  • the discoloration of the skin in the affected area.
  • formation of a vascular pattern;
  • the increase in the size of the labia;
  • dryness of the skin;
  • unpleasant sensations (a burning sensation, pain, itching).

In spite of the fact that the patients are advised the use of certain medications, and wearing compression hosiery to remove any pathology, it will be possible only by surgical methods.

When it comes to pregnancy, varicose veins in the groin area, it is not considered to be a contraindication to physical delivery. In the presence of complications and resort to caesarean section.

The symptoms of varicose veins caused by the place of its localization, and the degree of the development of, and recovery depends on early diagnosis and a properly chosen method of treatment. The reason is because there are many factors that affect the venous state, you need to always be working in the field, and to see a doctor at the slightest suspicion of the pathology.