The functioning of the veins with varicose veins laser

Surgery for varicose veins is warranted in the absence of a positive response to the applied conservative methods. The second reason for the failure of the conventional methods, the acute form of the disease.

The doctor, who, based on the results of the survey, will pick the best type of surgery.

The existing varieties of a surgical procedure

the operation of the vessels of the

In the acute form of the disease, when there is a clinically confirmed threat to the life or health of the patient, a man of the hospitalitynet. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia. After its completion it is to be a prolonged rehabilitation period. There are often complications, so that even after rehabilitation the patient is under a physician's supervision. If the pathology seen at an early stage, the doctor prescribes invasive surgery. We are talking about a process that does not require major interference with the integrity of the tissue.

Innovative surgical designs, dubbed "operation a day", which is known by the absence of problems. The patient may take a few weeks to get to the hospital. The duration of the rehabilitation – for 72 hours at a time.

A list of the advantages of the minimally invasive surgery will continue to the following facts:

  • patients do not need to do a General anesthesia;
  • the minimum stay in the hospital;
  • on the surface of the skin, which is not more than 3 of the holes, which promotes the healing of tissue;
  • surgery is not associated with pain.

In spite of an almost 100% free of side effects, the purpose of minimally invasive surgery, the doctor performs a number of statutory tests. Their goal was to determine how well the body transports assigned to the process.

A Mini-phlebectomy according to the method of Vardi

The doctor will remove the damaged vein, which will be concluded on the surface of the skin for up to 3 of the holes. The duration of the operation is in the range of from 30 to 50 minutes to complete. This method of treatment has the doctor prescribed for the following indications:

  • non-natural location of the varicose veins of (the area of the labia, face, and legs);
  • a patient with a diagnosis of thrombophlebitis of the rising type;
  • the presence of the widest possible varicose trunks.

The second reason is, according to the operation according to the method of the Vardy – a patient of the nodes that are localized close to the skin.


The basis for the appointment of a work – a clear localization of the pathology. The procedure shall be as prescribed for the care of patients with a diagnosis of the I and II stage of the varicose veins. The essence of the surgery is getting into the affected vein of a specific substance in the liquid or in the form of a foam. As soon as the substance is in, literally, to the restoration of the damaged areas.

Photocoagulation with a laser

This method, which is characterized by its speed of operation, absence of pain, and the ability to carry the patient out of the hospital 3 hours after the surgery is completed. The essence of the proceedings, and the impact point of the laser beam at the damaged area of the vein. Is properly chosen, the thermal effect generates a small blood clot, which is just a few months later to be replaced by connective tissue.

The task of the doctor is necessary for precise adjustment of the parameters of the laser beam. Even a small mistake can cause burns and subsequent tissue necrosis. In this regard, the laser therapy is now only rarely used.

The use of the radio frequency operation of the

The technique is demonstrated in a case where the use of a laser or by any other method of recovery, the damaged area is not possible. The process is quick and minimal chance of complications. A list of the advantages of the method, which is mentioned by the doctors include the lack of a burn and a scar. A radio-frequency surgery, it is made in the following manner:

  • a preliminary ultrasound of the blood vessels;
  • mark on the surface of the skin of the cities that will be affected during the process;
  • the patient lies on the operating table;
  • on the surface of the skin, causing the disinfection of the composition;
  • the point of performing venipuncture;
  • in order to insert a catheter, that comes to a point, which is the subject of a post-treatment process;
  • it is a local anesthetic;
  • the doctor uses a heating element, whose length is 7 cm;
  • out of the hole, remove the catheter and the heating element, after which the damaged area is restored.

All of the action, which is controlled by the computer. The system automatically selects the optimum temperature, of the exposure. 1 hour after the end of a minimally invasive procedure, patients are able to walk.

The use of steam

the treatment of varicose veins

The chronic form of varicose veins cause the veins to become twisted, shape. The use of an alternative minimally invasive technique is physically impossible. Technology, and with the help of the steam, which has a lot of advantages. In the list, but it's a minimum of the duration of the rehabilitation period of time, without any side effects and burn. The last point is an important one, in this case, if the doctor chose the right options. Under the influence of the steam to the damaged area of the cramp.

The use of biological glue

In those cases, the, when the to normalize the damaged area of the vein is impossible to remove them, no reason to make a bio-based adhesive. The doctor produced a few pieces, thanks to which he manages to glue the valves on the damaged area.

The choice of the optimal kind of surgical intervention

The last word is the doctor, whose task it is to make an objective assessment of the health status of the patient. The doctor will inform the patient, and that, in any event, the decision in favour of one or the other type of surgical intervention depends on the clinical picture. One size fits all here, so in the choice of the therapeutic methods of the white lab coat is based on the symptoms.

The existing types of operational processes, as follows:

The type of surgical procedure In some cases, the legitimate The likelihood of complications
The use of biological glue When used to restore the damaged area moist. If you have low
The use of steam Used when a patient is diagnosed with the vast network of damaged blood vessels. The mean (with the wrong choice of a doctor, and the properties of the substance, which is produced by the impacts on the affected vein).
Radiofrequency surgery A situation in which the damaged area is too much of a vein on the surface of the skin. At a minimum
Special coagulation Rarely used. In the majority of cases, the physician prescribes the less traumatic the surgery. The high is selected, the laser power.
Sclerotherapy Varicose veins is superficial. At a minimum
A Mini-phlebectomy The patient was diagnosed with atypical the search for the stricken vessel. Any other surgical technique for use, it is not possible. The average of the

The choice of the type of surgery the doctor must make sure that the benefits of it have far more potential negativity that may arise after the surgery.