Experience in the use of Varius

The history of successful use gel Varius shared with us Natalia the Rostov.

Tell us about your experience, that the cream you use Varius. When I discovered that the foot the protruding blue veins, which very much spoil the appearance of, a colleague once told me that the varicose veins to cure is virtually impossible. Maybe jealous of the beautiful, slender legs. But I'm such provocative statements, he didn't respond, he decided to learn the professional opinion of the doctors, that every possible cure for the disease back aesthetic to your feet.

Buy gel Varius

The doctor advised me a new product that recently appeared in the Czech Republic — gel Varius. I ordered online for the price . Used strictly in accordance with the instructions. A few days later noticed that the veins are not so noticeable, after 3 weeks the skin has become smooth, there is almost no wrapped up. At the same time, disappeared swelling, aching pain, which I initially blamed the banal fatigue work difficulty after wearing heels, lost, cramps at night. As I found out from the doctor, these were the signs of varicose veins. Own experience Varius amount to a total of 4 weeks.

Now I will continue to use the drug as a preventive measure, regular exercises for the foot of the methodology Elena malyshevoy, which is the popular program recommended to combine the exercises using the gel. The exercises are very simple: keep the leg in the lying position, roll the ball to the legs to raise yourself on your toes and roll to the heel. The complete package is easily to find on the Internet. The gel should be applied to the problem area several times a day before the tournament.

Experience in the use of Varius

We recommend that the device Varius

The drug is like. This is a very nice texture, delicious smell, which soon brings relief to the feet, does not cause discomfort when applied. Gel I ordered on the official website of the manufacturer twice already. Lucky — got a good discount. The first tool that I bought for myself, and the second is for moms who have similar problems. He took a full course, but there are clear signs of progress. I recently shared my experience of using gel Varius a friend of mine, he purchased the drug, were satisfied. Recommend Varius as a reliable remedy for varicose veins.